Make Your Mind Up!

3rd July HELP we are low on water

And then the heavens opened…

July 4th YAY 30mm worth of rain!

But wait…it’s still dry

July 4th HELP we are low on water.

Heavy rain in Auckland today saw more than 60mm fall in some areas – close to a fifth of what fell in the six months from January to June.”

A Newspaper

Two articles in the same newspaper, two different stories and two different numbers.

But WAIT there’s MORE…

Motorists are advised to jump on public transport with delays expected throughout the area. Meanwhile, due to the closure, AT reports detours will be put in place for 75 bus services. Emergency services were forced to close the street block after a cladding panel was blown off the Victopia apartment building at about 10.45am today. A witness said she heard a “very loud bang”, then saw dust fly up from behind a construction fence when the panel fell just after 1pm.

A Newspaper

1) Jump on public transport, but 75 bus routes will be detoured!

2) The panel was blown off at 10:45am but the bang from when it landed was at 1pm. That’s a freefall distance of over 74,000 km. Wow!