More Anti-Israel Bias: This Time in High School Exams

Anti-Semitism is so hot, right now.

The political left is obsessed with hating the Jewish state with fanatical zeal. Even the BBC is starting to notice that the British Labour party has a bit of a problem with “the Jews”. Immigration New Zealand notoriously erased Israel from its map.

It seems that everywhere it goes, the left elite’s Long March through the institutions is proudly wearing brown shirts.

A sample exam paper for Year 12 students claimed as fact that ­Israel has persecuted Arabs by demolishing their homes ­because “they don’t follow the Jewish religion”.

The contents of the paper provided to Victorian schools has angered the Jewish community, which has criticised the “false” and “libellous’’ claim for potentially fuelling anti-Israel sentiments through the community.

Not only does the paper peddle an outright falsehood – that Arabs are persecuted in Israel because of their religion – but, shockingly, it tries to shift the blame on to Israel for Islamic terrorism.

According to the sample ­answer provided: “An example of an individual being persecuted for their religion could be the Arab families living in Israel who practise the Islam religion rather than the Jewish religion…it claims that “when a person is discriminated against … it could push a person to become more dogmatic in following their ­religion, possibly leading to ­extremism”.

As Jewish-Australian comedian Sandy Gutman challenged Green politician Lee Rhiannon, “Can I just ask you why you’re so obsessed with Israel? Why not, say, North Korea or China or Somalia or Cuba or any other country…it’s just anti-Semitic. That’s all it is”.

Still, you’d think by now that Jewish organisations would have stopped being surprised by the unrelenting tide of anti-Semitism washing through the left. Or that it is now polluting the left-dominated education system.

Mount Scopus Memorial College principal Rabbi James Kennard said he was “naturally disturbed” when the contents of the paper were brought to his ­attention and immediately lodged a complaint.

“I didn’t expect to find something very political, very biased and inaccurate in a Year 12 sample assessment paper,” Rabbi Kennard told The Australian. “It’s an utter falsehood. It creates a negative impression of Israel, which is actually a centre of ­religious tolerance … and the only democratic country in the Middle East.” He said it was a “libellous” to suggest “Israel is to blame for extremism”.

The council, a professional body representing health and physical education teachers, initially defended the document…However, Rabbi Kennard said he wasn’t concerned about only Jewish students.

“I will be explaining to my students that this not something they should pay any attention to but I’m also concerned about students at other schools,” he said.

“What is the effect on these students reading this stuff?”

Zionist Federation of Australia president Jeremy Leibler said it was absurd that the publishers elected to single out Israel, “a country where Arab citizens have full equal rights” to highlight ­religious discrimination.

Arabs in Israel are Knesset representatives, cabinet members, Supreme Court judges, journalists, popular actors and musicians, even Miss Israel. Jews in Arab Middle-Eastern countries are mostly dead or fled.

How’s that for persecution?

Is Israel: a) Illegitimate; b) An Apartheid State; c) Palestinian (choose one).