Mother versus Father

By George

You know, the more I watch Trump the “politician”, the more I understand why socialists are freaking out. Also, it clarifies for me why Ardern is so popular here. Politics is not about economies, intelligence or ideology, it’s about charisma and leadership. Their message is either “left” or “right” but if the messenger is colourless and uninspiring then they fade into obscurity.

Arden’s popularity is rather an enigma. Almost half the population adore her while the other half view her as a virtual signalling airhead. Those who support her see her as a kind motherly figure and are happily willing to suckle at the breast of comfort. It works with babies and apparently half of this country is proving to be that needy. But unlike babies, so many of the needy never mature over time and they never leave home.

Mother Ardern will take care of them. That is her role in life. Her “children” are never allowed to grow up, for her to allow them to leave the nest would make her life meaningless.

Trump, on the other hand, has demanded that the electorate experience the real world. You put forth or go hungry. He has no time for the clinging needy. They’re let loose and are expected to contribute. He doesn’t tolerate “isms” as an excuse for failure. He views “isms” as a weakness, a pathetic justification for self-inflicted inadequacies.

Trump makes things happen, and if you are not on board, then bye-bye. Most see this as leadership but some cry in their bedroom wishing Ardern would come in and comfort them. I wish I could figure out where National fits, but I can’t. Where’s our Trump?