Muppets to the Left of Me, Muppets to the Right…

By David

O me miserum. Doom and gloom to start the day yesterday put me in a mood to feel thoroughly miserable. It was pouring with rain and we had just had our backsides handed to us on a plate at Chester-le-Street. They might as well have taken me on tour instead of Sodhi or Blundell; at least I could have caught up with some university mates.

Then when I paid attention to the state of the world New Zealand style, it’s muppets to the left, muppets to the right. How much longer do we have to put up with sitting idly by watching a bunch of incompetents run the country into the ground? This lot couldn’t run a bath. They can’t make a decision about anything and when they try, all we get is a committee, a report or we’ll have to take advice from the experts (sic) about that. Anything to kick the can down the road.

Yesterday the Can Kicker in Chief managed a stellar answer to a simple meaningless question even by her own high standards of prevarication. She said she would not be averse to the country declaring a climate emergency. Not that she will, not that she won’t; but just not averse. I am not going to make a decision on even a virtue-signalling piece of nonsense but I won’t stand in the way of my fellow muppets who might…or might not.

And we have more muppets wrecking the economy. Business confidence is falling like a stone. Then there is an ex-union leader who has failed to win an electoral seat on multiple occasions slagging off Google calling them ‘evil’. They may well be, but, when you are Minister of Justice, what about the concept of innocent until proven guilty? There are times when it is diplomatic, nay essential when you hold public office, to keep your mouth shut. But he wouldn’t know the first thing about responsibility in public office, would he?

People in (very minor) public office keeping stumm? I give you a list MP who tells porkies in her CV and who has forgotten that when sitting on the green benches you should really stop being a student activist. Then there is a woman whose place in parliament is equally tenuous who thinks it is important that we popularise the most vulgar of swear words. Then there is our minister of housing whose only qualification for her portfolio is that she lives in a house. And on and on and on it goes.

All this because we have a system that allows the party of a septuagenarian (who also currently is unable to secure an electorate seat) to decide that we have to put up with these clowns as an elected government. Even worse, he and his party will probably be in a position to do it again.

I know this contributes nothing positive in the way of trying to do something about the parlous state in which we find ourselves, but I am not in the mood to feel anything but despondent.