No Longer Under TVNZ’s Thumb?

Peter Williams must be pleased to be free of the TVNZ censor. How it must have rankled with him to have to read all the auto-cue items on the TVNZ ‘news’ bulletins. He has now come out.

I am so over the nonsense that is being propagated by politicians and policymakers about this thing that is now just referred to as “climate change.”

Every day it is being foisted upon us. The world is in crisis. There is going to be a disaster, a catastrophe. The world is going to end. We have 12 years. We have 10 years. Some nutbag appeared on The AM Show yesterday saying it will end in seven years.

Prince Charles says we have 18 months left before it is irreversible and the world will end.

Why do we allow people to get away with this? Why is there absolutely no debate that these prophets of gloom may possibly be wrong?

Why is it that not just Stuff, but it seems all media in this country refuse to allow even a skerrick of evidence that CO2 may not be the cause of the earth’s warming?

Those of us who ask questions, and do not accept what we are having forced upon us, are now being called deniers.

Note the phrasing, the use of language. As if words like catastrophe and crisis and emergency were not enough, those who are skeptical are now being called “deniers.”

The last group of people to be called deniers were those who believe the holocaust didn’t happen.

The thing is, we know the holocaust happened. We have physical evidence of graves, of concentration camps, of gas chambers and of people being loaded onto trains to go there and never be seen again.

How can people who ask questions about the changing climate and whether CO2 and other gases in the atmosphere be called “deniers?” The arrogance in the putdown is breathtaking.

Why are people not allowed to ask questions? Why are people not allowed to make observations about what they see in front of them outside every day? Why are we not allowed to ask about all those other predictions of 30 years ago which have not come true?

Why am I so worked up about this? I’ll tell you why. We are being fed BS by our politicians, politicians from both parties who refuse to ask questions? Politicians and policymakers who use the phrase ” the science is settled.” Science can never be settled. How can science be settled? […]

It’s the same with weather and climate. How come the earth in the last 2000 years has been through multiple warming and cooling periods?

And remember the last 2000 years are just a blip on the length of time the solar system and planet earth has been in existence.

That ridiculous interactive front of website piece on Stuff this morning tells us breathlessly that we have more CO2 in the atmosphere now than at any stage in the last 3 million years.

Wow – do you know how long this planet is estimated to have been in existence? 4.5 billion years. […]

Like, why is Greenland called Greenland? Because about a thousand years ago it was home to a population of Vikings who lived and thrived there in a climate that allowed food to grow and animals to be farmed. It was the era known as medieval warming. Then the Little Ice age came along and wiped that population out.

That little ice age ended in the first half of the 19th century. Since then the earth has been getting warmer.

Now in this age of instant information, there is a lot of information available online which presents a different view of the world’s climate.
The James Shaws of this world will say these people are climate change deniers? […]

This video asks questions. It challenges what has become the propagated modern-day story of CO2 induced climate change. It asks whether the sun could be the major player in the way the world’s climate has changed and continues to change. […]

Watch this and then ask – why are James Shaw and Julie Ann Genter and almost our entire Parliament doing what they are doing? […]

It is up to you to make up your own minds on this.

But if you listened to what Willie Soon and David Legates said, tell me they don’t know what they’re talking about.