No Warnings, Just Massive Fines

By David

We frogs in the pot should really be feeling the heat turned up a notch since yesterday.

Lots of stuff has been happening. Firstly there are the rental insulation regulations. The infringement cost is $4000. Our master’s in the government say there will be no leeway as there has been a long lead in to this and we should all know about it. There will be no warnings they will go straight to the sending of an invoice. This doesn’t directly affect me as I am neither a tenant or a landlord.

Next, the Petrol tax is up 4c/litre and RUC charges are up. I don’t have an RUC-able vehicle but I do have a couple of zero energy star cars and a trip to the Z station is going to be a little more painful. There is nothing more certain than death and taxes but what the heck will I get for this second instalment in petrol tax hikes? I’ll supply a postage stamp and a builder’s pencil upon which you can inscribe zero. You will not need another stamp to write the answer to what did I get for last years petrol tax increase. These are, of course, not new taxes as our Dear Leader Jacinda Ardern said we wouldn’t be getting any of those.

Bloody plastic bag nonsense reached peak stupid yesterday. The infringement cost is $100,000. Count those dollars – one hundred thousand. Eugenie Sage (who should really appear wrapped in cellophane to complete the nutbar image) tells us that there has been a long lead in to this and we should all know about it so there will be no early infringement notices, as the emphasis is on ‘education’. Government left hand, meet government right hand.

Apparently, the plastic bag your sliced champagne ham from the deli aisle comes wrapped in is turtle friendly ‘cos it is a health and safety provision. And I have never heard of fishing nets in Indonesia. This rubbish affects and irritates the heck out of me as it is a damned nuisance, stupid, pointless and a symbol of the clowns who are pretending to ‘run’ a sovereign nation.

$100,000 – really?

Is it just me or is it getting hot in here?