Oh, No She Didn’t! The Dumbest Race Hate Hoax yet

The United States has been plagued with a tsunami of fake “hate-crimes” of late because actual racism is apparently so rare in Trumpian America that demand has far outstripped supply. Tired of waiting for depressingly non-racist whites to oppress them, eager, non-white wannabe-victims are having to outsource “race attacks” to their similarly non-white friends and relations, or even just conjure them up from nothing but their own, fevered imaginations.

You could be forgiven for thinking that Jussie Smollett – the black actor who paid a couple of Nigerian buddies to white-face it up and stage the most ridiculously obvious fake hate crime in recent history – was the nadir of hate crime hoaxery. Unfortunately, you’d be forgetting the famous observation attributed to Albert Einstein: “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe”.

Cue the apparently infinitely stupid Erica Thomas.

Erica Thomas is an aggressively dumb and juvenile black woman in Georgia with peroxided hair that’s only a quarter of an inch long, so of course she’s a member of the State House of Representatives.

The 31-year-old mentally challenged Democrat…staged her own fake racial victimization at a Publix supermarket in the Atlanta suburb of Mableton on July 20. After pretending to be racially victimized by a white man who is a full head shorter and likely 100 pounds lighter then she is, Thomas recorded a video that depicts her sobbing and gasping for breath at the fact that, despite this being 2019 and all, the KKK clearly still rules America.

The most clearly ludicrous part of the story is Thomas’ insistence that:

I couldn’t get anything out, I could just tell him, “please leave me alone…”

As anyone who’s ever had an unpleasant encounter with a black woman in public knows, the LAST thing they do is say, “Please leave me alone.” Surveillance video from the supermarket shows the white man entering from stage left and pointing to a sign, then quickly retreating out of the frame as Thomas goes full water-buffalo on him, wagging her finger and swiveling her head in the inimitable way that loud and enraged women of color are wont to do.

Not to be out-victimed, the alleged race-hater fronted the media to point out that, in actual fact, he is a victim too. It’s duelling intersectionalities at 20 paces.

Eric Sparkes…made a point that despite his obvious Caucasianity, he was not white but was instead Cuban. And not only that, he insisted that he was a Democrat who hates Donald Trump. Sparkes promptly set about accusing Thomas of being a big fat liar, although he admitted to calling her a bitch.


It quickly got worse for the desperate-to-be-race-hated Thomas. It turns out that it was she who was channelling the Trumpian racism.

A Publix employee who witnessed part of an altercation between a black Georgia state lawmaker and a white man she accused of making racist comments told police it was Rep. Erica Thomas who actually made the remarks.

The witness said she heard Thomas “continuously tell Eric Sparkes to ‘Go back where you came from!” but did not hear Sparkes say those words to Thomas, according to a Cobb County police report.

But, if there is any constant in these never-ending stream of race-hate hoaxes, it’s the authorities’ notable reluctance to punish clear breaches of the law against making a false report to police.

Cobb authorities said there has already been a “thorough” investigation into the matter and they don’t intend to file criminal charges.