Pillars of Society: ‘The car community’



If our media are to be believed a certain group of people (formerly referred to as boy racers) are in fact, peaceful and respected Pillars of society known as “car enthusiasts.”

A recent TV One news story told a dramatic tale of woe where our heroes from “the car community” ( Pillars of society one and all) were set upon around midnight, quite without provocation by a brutish, thug-like member of the proletariat who was driving a road roller AKA Steam roller.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so I present to you a brief pictorial history of New Zealand’s boy racers “Car enthusiasts.”

Some pillars of society ‘moon’ a resident who rudely confronts them.
Three Pillars of society give the royal wave as they sedately drive past.

A vehicle driven by a Pillar of society is viciously attacked by an aggressive tree on a formerly quiet & straight suburban street.

Some Pillars of society execute a three-point turn

A delightful young woman demurely shows her appreciation as a Pillar of society slowly drives her down a street late at night.