Plastic Bag Stasi Dob In Small NZ Business

The Plastic Bag Stasi are out in force and have dobbed in Kiwis who have displayed good old Kiwi ingenuity. When laws are stupid clever people find ways around them using legal loopholes. One small business owner has done just that so that they stay within the law but the NZ Herald have been using their reporters as Plastic bag Stasi to snitch on them.

” You thought you would be clever and cut the handles off the plastic bags did you? Think again small Kiwi business owner ” (* Satire )

Today they are picking on Kiwi ‘Currymunchers.’ ‘Tomorrow it will be ‘Chinky’ takeaway bar owners. Next, it will be ‘Wogs’ with kebab shops.

Personally, I think that these guys have assimilated brilliantly into Kiwi culture by giving the politicians a big middle finger by employing some
simple Kiwi ingenuity.

Plastic bags without handles. Kiwi ingenuity at work.

An Indian restaurant in Auckland has cut off the handles from its takeaway bags as a way to get around the ban on single-use plastic bags.
The ban came into effect on Monday, but plastic bags without handles and those that have already been used are exempt.
Owner Rafi Mohammed said this was a “temporary measure” to clear about a pallet of plastic bags the restaurant still has.

“Just to be clear, we are not doing this because we don’t support the ban,” Mohammed said.
“This is just to clear our remaining stock while waiting for our new environmental-friendly plastic bags to arrive.”

[…] On Wednesday, the Herald purchased a lamb biryani from Paradise, which came in a plastic bag without handles.

A Newspaper

The Herald purchased a lamb biryani? That must have been a big sale for the business and a bloody big lamb biryani! How can a newspaper buy a lamb biryani and more importantly how does a newspaper eat a lamb biryani?

It would be more accurate to say that the Herald sent in a reporter to buy a lamb biryani in order to snoop on a small business in order to find ” evidence” for a story.

Most of us would view this kind of ‘Gotcha’ journalism as Snitch News.

This is yet another reason to not subscribe to the Herald and its porous as a sponge paywall. I sincerely hope that this exposé doesn’t cause trouble for the business owner and instead, that sales of lamb biryani go through the roof.