Playing Gender Politics While Men Die

You can’t help but notice that feminists’ obsession with “gender imbalances” seems more than a tad mercenary. The same gender warriors who faint and clutch their pearls if there are 50.1 percent males in some lucrative boardroom, are strangely silent about the fact that teaching and nursing are just two professions nearing almost-complete female domination. Nor do they stamp their feet and pout about the fact that “dirty” jobs like sanitation are mostly left up to the boys.

But feminists’ real hypocrisy shows when it comes to the staggering gender imbalance of workplace deaths. Nearly every worker who dies on the job is male.

Queensland has witnessed a recent spate of deaths in mining in particular.

The Queensland government will actively consider a new offence of industrial manslaughter in the mining sector, after six workers died in 12 months.

[Mines Minister] Dr Lynham yesterday also promised to employ three extra mines inspectors and a second chief inspector. Earlier this week, he said there were 84 inspectors on the ground in Queensland.


That all sounds very tough-talking and uncompromising – there’s only one problem: do they have enough women to do the job?

Queensland’s Mines Minister has been accused of putting gender equality ahead of miners’ safety, after revelations the government’s coalmining safety board did not meet for months because it did not have enough women members.

I’m sure it’s a great comfort to the dead miners that at least there wasn’t any ghastly sexism on their watch.

At the height of the safety crisis, the state’s Coal Mining Safety and Health Advisory Committee, which gives the minister expert advice and plays a “significant role” in protecting workers, could not meet for four months because it did not have the right “gender representation”.

Queensland Mines Minister Anthony Lynham confirmed the committee had to be re-established this week after the two most recent deaths. The board has not met since March and was forced to cancel its June meeting, as it tried to meet the Labor government’s target of having 50 per cent women on government boards by next year.

“You have to make sure gender representation is respected,” Dr Lynham said.


If only death cared about gender representation as much as “woke” left-wing governments.