Question of the Day for Firearms Licence Holders

I am peeved, as are many other firearms licence holders, by the way the government has passed a firearms law for “compulsory confiscation” with possibly inadequate compensation.

When I was involved in public protests from Wellington Railway Station to Parliament grounds for both the “Fart Tax” and “Public Access” or Right to Roam law proposed by Helen Clark’s government, I learned that the Labour party hates people publicly protesting against their policies. They cannot handle public accountability. Heads exploded that a group of farmers would protest.

There are 250 000 licensed firearm holders in New Zealand. My question is this:

Depending on the result, somebody may have to organise a march.

I can’t speak for them but Federated Farmers members may be supportive. Then there are gun clubs, the Deerstalkers Assn, and others who could all pull together for a constructive cause.

It is often a little spark that ignites a conflagration. I think that the new tranche of proposed firearms amendments could be that spark.
I think any legal action taken in respect of the recently passed legislation (passed without following Parliamentary process), stands a far greater chance of success in the courts if the weight of public opinion is behind the complainants.