Rail Freight Just Ruined Your Wellington Commute.

Bad news Wellingtonians. The Greens favourite method of moving goods has just ankle-tapped their favourite method of moving people. So you’re going to have to take the car today.

Credit NZ Herald

Your commuter trains have been cancelled until further notice due to a freight train derailing between the Hutt Valley and Kapiti lines.

Metlink has not been able to source enough replacement buses to transport the approximately 20,000 passengers who travel by train during the weekday peak morning period so you have simply been given up on.

However reduced train services stopping at all stations on the Kapiti line will run on a half hourly timetable from 6am between Waikanae and Porirua only.

If you are wanting to travel between Porirua and Wellington Metlink recommend alternative transport or avoiding travel.

Remind me again how good public transport is?