Re-education Camp with Aunty Blue

Hello Everyone, students, Rams, people, They / them / theirs /Ze / hir / hir
and Nige.

I am so pleased to see all you deplorables this Sunday afternoon ready to learn how to use inclusive language.

Today the lesson is about drugs and addiction.

The word Addicted and the phrase, Like Crack can be extremely offensive.

Oftentimes used to describe something that the person uses often, “I’m
addicted to Netflix” or “These candies are like crack”. While addicted can be appropriate in some situations, it can also cause harm to those who are truly experiencing drug addiction or are in recovery, or have friends/relatives who have experienced addiction.

Instead of using this word and phrases the correct substitution to use instead in order to prevent offence is I’m hooked / I’m a devoted fan of
Delicious / excellent

For example, I’m a devoted fan of Karl Marx. I’m hooked on knitting pink pussy hats. This cream doughnut is delicious.