Re-education Camp with Aunty Blue

Hello Everyone, students, Rams, people, They / them / theirs /Ze / hir / hir
and Nige.

I am so pleased to see all you deplorables this Saturday afternoon ready to learn how to use inclusive language.

Today the lesson is about cake which is quite possibly my favourite subject apart from doughnuts. Anyhoo… on with today’s lesson.

The delicious subject of today’s lesson

The origins of the phrase “takes the cake” and “cake walk” are very interesting but also extremely offensive.

Slaves would covertly mock White slave owners through exaggerated
dance to mimic White aristocrats. Perhaps unaware of the subversive
origin of the dancing, slave owners began holding “balls” for entertainment, where slaves would perform these dances to win a cake.

Cakewalks became popular through the racism of 19th century minstrel
shows, which portrayed Black people as clumsily aspiring to be and dance like White people.

Instead of using these two phrases the correct substitution to use instead in order to prevent offence is “That was easy.”

For example, eating that entire cake by myself was easy.