Removing Corbyn Will Not Fix Labor Anti-Semitism

It’s hard to deny that a push is in action within the political and media left to remove Jeremy Corbyn from power before the next UK general election – which, given the mind-bogglingly inept governance of Teresa May and her party, could be any time.

In anything other than a Clown World, Corbyn would never have been allowed to lead Britain’s main opposition party. A demented far-left ideologue who has spent his life making friends with terrorist groups, from the IRA to Hamas, Corbyn would be rejected for an ordinary public service job on security grounds alone, as one official recently observed. That Labour even elected such a person says all that needs be about its moral decline.

The enormity of its misstep seems to have belatedly dawned on the party, as its poll standing collapses even against the woeful May government. Leaks on everything from endemic anti-Semitism to alleged ill-health are clearly co-ordinated to force Corbyn out.

But will removing the rotting head really do anything to redeem the poisonous body?

Corbyn is being blamed for the two causes of this [opinion poll] meltdown. The first is the party’s ambiguous stance over Brexit, in which it is trying simultaneously to please its working-class Brexit supporters and its metropolitan, educated liberals who want the United Kingdom to remain in the European Union — and satisfying neither as a result.

The second is its never-ending row over the epidemic Jew-baiting in its ranks.

That UK Labour is endemically anti-Semitic is simply beyond denial. The leader’s office has done nothing to halt this – indeed, despite mealy-mouthed denials, it has clearly abetted the poisonous creep of Jew-hating in the party. But is it really all just the odious Corbyn’s fault, or does the rottenness run deeper in the British left?

The issue of Israel is largely why the party just cannot deal with all this, and why its Jew-hatred won’t go away even if Corbyn were removed from office tomorrow.

For while there seems to be a general recognition that unhinged conspiracy theories about Jewish money or power are beyond the pale, many members also believe that to be anti-Zionist or venomously anti-Israel is not to be anti-Jew…But, of course, they have this exactly the wrong way round. Anti-Israelism and anti-Zionism are deeply anti-Judaism and anti-Jew.

How on earth can such demented hatred of the Jewish nation be anything but anti-Jew?

Anti-Zionism is intrinsically anti-Jew because it singles out the Jews alone as a people who have no right of self-determination in their own country. It does this on the basis of the big lie that uniquely writes the Jews out of their own history as the only people for whom the land of Israel was ever their national kingdom.

Those who are anti-Zionism profess to be anti-colonialism. But it’s the Arabs who are the would-be colonialists, intending to drive out the Jews from the country to which the Jews alone have any lawful, historic and moral claim. Anti-Zionists are not opposing colonialism. They are promoting it.

It’s to be hoped that many on the left only believe this stuff out of ignorance, but whatever the reason, it’s practically an article of faith for the modern left.

This contemporary expression of the oldest hatred didn’t start with Corbyn and it won’t end with him. It has been around for decades and is endemic in progressive circles, not just in Britain but throughout the West.

Support for the Palestinian cause is the signature motif of the left. And that cause is founded upon blood libels, conspiracy theories and other murderous and ancient anti-Jewish tropes…that applies in turn to the left in general; which is why it is now philosophically bankrupt, repudiating decency, evidence and reason itself while supporting abuses of intellectual, political or religious power and abandoning their victims throughout the Western world.

As my Dad used to say every time the local footy team sacked another coach: It’s easier to blame one man than a whole team. Corbyn may be the poster-boy for the British left’s anti-Semitism, but he’s far from the cause.