Santa Claus Was a Palestinian



Santa Claus

Golriz Ghahraman had followed in the Twitter footsteps of Ilhan Omar, Linda Sarsour and American politician AOC in claiming that Santa Claus was a Palestinian refugee. “I mean, my goodness it couldn’t be more obvious,” she said. “The sack over his shoulder clearly contains all his worldly goods as he is forced to flee the North Pole because of the Climate Change emergency.”

“It is only because of cultural appropriation that he has been depicted as a fat old white man who gives children gifts. The truth of the matter is that he visits different countries to collect gifts in order to feed his 5 wives and 24 children back home.”

When asked what she had planned for next weeks round of fact-adjacent Tweets our single-use List MP Golriz replied: “um I’ve heard that God is a Palestinian so yeah…um that will be next weeks topic.”