Shame, Scandal & Media Dodges

Your daddy ain’t your daddy, but your daddy don’t know
– Lord Melody

A Sydney man, whose name has been withheld, spat at and abused jurors as “pigs” and “dogs” after they found him guilty of murdering his nephew in an “honour killing”. Cousin marriage, arranged marriage, honour killing – all the ingredients of a typical Australian family dispute. No doubt the withheld name will turn out to be “Darryl McKenzie” or something similarly dinky-di Australian.

The 50-year-old man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had denied murdering his nephew by shooting him seven times with a semi-automatic weapon at the entrance of a house in western Sydney in 2015.

The Crown alleged the 23-year-old victim spent hours in an intimate “meeting” with his aunt — the accused’s wife — before he was shot in the head and heart.

The victim came from overseas to move into the Sydney home of the man and his wife as part of a plan to marry their daughter — the victim’s cousin.

In court, the murderer defended his Ocker credentials.

“I’m like you, I’m Australian.”

He then spat across the courtroom in the direction of the jury and started abusing Justice Johnson: “You helped them, you gave them the chance to find me guilty. You f..king pigs. You helped them, you are police dogs.”

…The Crown had alleged the older man found out about his wife’s affair with his nephew and developed a motive to kill because it breached “the honour code”.

In another case, an “Australian” family have been charged with slavery offences, after tricking a woman into travelling one-way to Afghanistan and “domestic servitude”. Again, one could be forgiven for thinking that there’s something being covered up.

As Mark Steyn noted, following the Charlie Hebdo killings, we see the same pattern played out again and again in the media: essential details are glossed over and obscured, lest anyone start getting such dangerous ideas as that this Multiculturalism gig ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. In the Charlie Hebdo case, two Muslims become “French-born” (“Maurice Chevalier and his brother Adbul,” Steyn joked) and four Jews murdered at a kosher supermarket become “four hostages”.

Before that, the media and police spent five days actively lying about the mass-sexual assault by Muslim men of a thousand German women in Cologne, on New Year’s Eve in 2015. Then there are the decades of obfuscation and lies about rape gangs in Britain – a campaign of official and media cover-up that continues, with the jailing of Tommy Robinson.

Media might try and excuse their cover-ups by arguing that the ethnicity or country of origin of these offenders is irrelevant, but that’s just another lie. Honour killings, arranged marriages, and slavery are truly foreign concepts in Australian society. If Australia is importing cultures where such practices, and others such as polygamy and child marriage, are at best tacitly tolerated, then Australians have a right to know, and not be fobbed off with official and journalistic double-speak.

An Australian man discovers his wife and nephew in a compromising situation (artist’s impression).