She has More Cheek Than a Fat Ladies Bottom

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has been pointing the finger at Simon Bridges and the National party for their stance over the UN Migration pact. Considering “Comrade” Ardern’s personal background as the president of the Far-left International Union of Socialist Youth she has a hell of a cheek.

Someone who said “Comrade” 15 times in just 7 minutes has no business berating Simon Bridges because someone somewhere decided that people who are against the UN Migration pact are far-right politically.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has slammed the National Party over its stance on the UN migration compact […]
And while she wouldn’t say whether she thought National was trying to court far-right voters, she did not dispute Winston Peters’ description of the movement opposing the compact as neo-Nazi.

Instead of debating the issues, she is smearing her opponents. It is like the sheep in the political fable Animal Farm. ” Four legs gooood…two legs baaaad,” except in her case it is Far-left gooood…far-right baaaad or more to the point For Pact gooood, Against Pact baaaad.

The Government signed up to the compact at the end of last year despite claims from the National Party that it would restrict the ability of future governments to decide on which migrants were welcome and which weren’t.
Legal advice from Crown Law and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade confirmed that the compact was not legally binding, nor did it restrict New Zealand from setting its own migration policies.
But National leader Simon Bridges stood by his earlier stance, saying in a statement that New Zealand should decide its immigration settings, not the United Nations.
He noted that the US and Australia have not signed the compact.
“This Government has become more concerned with impressing the UN, rather than what matter to New Zealanders – and that’s immigration being decided by us.”

Simon was quite right and, as we pointed out at a later date on the blog, New Zealand had been lied to.

In a frank exchange with Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, Mr. Hebner of the AfD drew out an admission that it is, in fact, legally binding. As well, that it will be adopted as rule for all UN Member states once enacted.


Winston Peters disagrees with this view and said that…

[…] misinformation around the migration pact, particularly the incorrect view that it would be binding on signatories, was based on propaganda from Austrian neo-Nazis, in particular far-right movement leader Martin Sellner.

Watch the video for yourselves and hear the words out of Merkel’s own mouth. Oh, Wait….I can’t. The video evidence has been removed from both our article and the article written by the Voice of Europe. Youtube has flushed it down the memory hole.

Draw your own conclusions as to why that is. One thing is for certain. With the truth censored, Jacinda Ardern is free to make statements like these.

[…] she said National’s position on the compact was irresponsible.
“I did hold concerns because we weren’t having a debate that was anchored in the facts.
“They claimed that we wouldn’t hold sovereignty over our own borders – that was totally factually incorrect and remains incorrect. We would never sign away the sovereignty of the maintenance of our own immigration policy.

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