Smear Politics Trumps Victim Support

He who shall not be named (because our PM said so) has been very effective at causing problems for many people and organisations. By claiming to admire a diverse range of political views, groups and people in his manifesto he was able to stir up conflict and cause censorship as the media and others (as he knew they would) rushed to apportion blame for his despicable act of terrorism.

His goal was to turn group against group, and he has been very successful in that. Even our prime minister is now throwing around the smear “Neo-Nazi” with gay abandon to describe people who are against the UN Migration compact. He who shall not be named (HWSNBN) has escalated the identity politics war, turning it into an us-versus-them scenario.

It wasn’t just his manifesto that poisoned our world. He also donated money to groups so that, after his act of brutal terrorism, they would be smeared by association.

The leader of one such group when he found out who the money was from donated the money to the victims of HWSNBN but incredibly his donation was rejected.

Why was it rejected? It was rejected because it was more important to the so-called victim support organisation to be able to smear the leader and his group by association with HWSNBN than to accept that he is a good person.

They did not want the leader to be viewed as someone who was revolted by the act of terrorism and they didn’t want his group to be seen as non-violent.

His act of offering the money shows the world that he and his group are not what they have been smeared to be and that narrative could not be allowed. Thanks to HWSNBN our world has been divided up into good guys and bad guys. The victim support group want the leader to stay firmly in the bad guys’ camp where they have placed him.

Victim Support is taking steps to return a donation from the Austrian […] Martin Sellner.

The donation of just over $1200 was for those caught up in the Christchurch mosque attacks, and Victim Support says accepting it would be wrong.
It says if Mr Sellner won’t take back the money, it will be given to a suitable anti-racism charity.
Mr Sellner heads the far-right Identitarian movement in Austria, which opposes immigration and multiculturalism […]
Officials there confirmed in March that he had received more than $2000 from the man accused of the Christchurch shootings, and in April investigators raided his home.
“I don’t want to have any money from this guy,” Mr Sellner said.
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said she feels New Zealanders will likely have the same reaction she did to the news.
“When you hold those kinds of ideologies, it’s really unwelcome to then double-back and try to make amends through donations in that form,” Ms Ardern said.
“I think it’ll be seen for what it is,” she said.


I think it is appalling that yet again our prime minister has seen fit to smear a person. She did it to Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux and now she has done it to Martin Sellner. The fact that she has also smeared those who oppose the UN Migration compact as Neo-Nazis should tell you what little weight we should give to her assessment of Sellner and his Identitarian movement.