Snitches Unleashed

Can you hear that sound? It’s the sound of Socialist jackboots arriving with a whole army of snitches, and they’re coming for you first, Facebook user. They arrive on Tuesday.

The political left has always been enamoured of informers. It’s believed the East German Stasi had a roll of close to 200,000 of them. Under Soviet control, Russia had so many that every single conversation, public and private, had to be guarded, turning citizen against citizen.

That the prime minister of New Zealand has a part to play, as a puppet, in this new and extremely sinister development is a disgrace to our nation. Believing she was ‘doing something’ in the wake of the Christchurch abomination, she got sucked in; she became but a ‘useful idiot’ in a plan that had already been worked on for nearly a year by the French regime under socialist Macron. He even used her ‘star power’ and the Christchurch incident as a pretext while announcing the set of evil regulations he expects to pass this coming week.

Under Macron’s proposal, and with the full cooperation of Facebook in a capitulation reversing presumed privacy, all the snitches will have to do is stomp a button which will be appended to all Facebook posts in France asking “Does this post contain hate speech?” and immediately the poster becomes a ‘suspect’. It is a cowardly collusion simply to further Zuckerberg’s business interests in Europe and is an extreme betrayal of users’ trust,

Macron’s toadies call this development, rather euphemistically, “esprit de vigilance constructive” – “the spirit of constructive vigilance”. I say it’s pure evil and will become, as snitching did under past totalitarian socialist regimes, a tool for the worst abuses of state power and a dreadful device for escalating political and personal revenge.

Once snitched, Facebook will pass all your ‘data’, and that’s everything, including every single message, private and public, I repeat: everything, over for further investigation by the thought police in search of ‘hate speech’ or perhaps some association with other snitch-reported ‘haters’:

“Furthermore, the mission focused its study on public content, but it is clear that hateful content is also present in private or closed groups on social networks, and that there is currently a trend for increasing dissemination of content within these limited groups and on messaging services. It is more complex to intervene on these environments where exchanges can be covered by the secrecy of private correspondence and especially encrypted “from end to end”.

I am not joking; the working paper on these regulations is a spine-chilling read. Nor am I joking when I tell you about the planned hierarchy of snitches, and how super-snitches will be rewarded for their public service and productivity:

“Procedures for cooperating with “trusted flaggers”: list, selection procedures, “privileges” attached to that status, statistical data on the number of reports examined, the number of contents detected proactively, the follow-up given (removal, maintenance, etc.), the appeals processed, etc”

Macron has rolled this turd in Ardern’s glitter to promote these anti-freedom of expression regulations. She should be ashamed, but she won’t be, because she supports them, and if you think her ‘You’ll know it when you see it’ statement of the definition of hate speech was simple and typical unpreparedness; it wasn’t. Her statement was deliberately couched in Kafka-esque terms because these regulations are designed to be exactly so: obscure, illusory, all-encompassing. Macron justified this in the weasel-words of his announcement saying the regulations will “be proactive and anticipate online threats”.

The contempt for democracy in Macron’s, and Ardern’s statements is breath-taking. They want us to believe they have the means to anticipate the next atrocity when experience shows neither could find their own arse, even if using both hands.

It gets worse, if that is possible; your newly exposed private data will be accessible for ‘research’ ie ‘targeting’ by ‘academics’:

“It [the proposed regulatory authority] has the mandate and legal competence to set up links to enable academic research on the platforms using their data.”

But France is not New Zealand, and this ‘experiment’, they assure us, is only intended to be rolled out in the Gallic nation. That this is an utter lie is as obvious in the background document as it is in the statement’s repetition. It is fully intended to be endorsed by all of the European Union and voluntarily picked up by any ‘destination’ country, destination country meaning the place suffering the ‘harm’ of the hate-speech:

“By organising the platform’s accountability according to the destination country, it creates an incentive for each social network to prevent abuses in each region. This restores geographical coherence between the location of the regulatory function and the location of the damage.”

In fact, Zuckerberg’s betrayal has already been accidentally revealed during beta programming when, in early May and mainly in the US, users were confronted with the ‘hate speech’ button. Facebook refused to comment.

Facebook is not the internet and there are many more social media platforms, but I emphasize: Facebook has the biggest reach and is only the ‘experimental’ case-study. It is fully intended that every single forum provider will have to comply and respond to the hate speech button requirement and the reported ‘flagging’ of hate speech; or else:

“The punitive policy is necessary in that it expresses the rules adopted by society in a clear and visible way. It is also required on a purely political level in situations of manifest disruption of public order. The punitive policy is effective only if it is comprehensible and enforced, so as to avoid any feeling of impunity for the authors of unacceptable content.”

Make no mistake; we will be joining the ‘experiment’ once it’s bedded in, like it or not. Given Ardern’s adoration for Macron and the part she’s happily played in the circus, I shouldn’t be surprised if New Zealand was the first country outside the European Union to adopt the ‘hate-speech’ button. In fact, if I were a bookie, I wouldn’t even take bets on the probability of it happening here.

And if you think, dear reader, that New Zealanders — responsible, fair-minded and tolerant New Zealanders — wouldn’t deliberately target, say, this site for example, and repeatedly stomp the hate button for no reason whatsoever, just to bring you, or me, all or any of us to the attention of the ‘appropriate authority’, ponder this:

Adieu, complacency.

Lastly, and most importantly: the most chilling aspect of Macron’s and, by cooperation, Ardern’s plans is that the extremely powerful tool is not to be triggered under due process, with warrants or legal requirements of evidence, or even some sort of oversight; it will be triggered by a simple snitch who doesn’t like you or your personal opinion.

You can download the background document below.

Read it and weep for democracy and freedom. Did our forefathers save France for this?