Tenants Evicted Due to New Healthy Homes Laws, Gee Didn’t See That Coming!

“I kept telling Jacinda I had no idea what I was doing, oh well, maybe your motel will be warm and cozy”
(Note, not the woman concerned, just a picture found on the interweb. Not a real quote either, it’s just for LoL’s!)

Way back in August last year, I wrote a post on the effects being seen on the rental markets down my way, due to the openly landlord-hostile policies of our Minority Labour government and their enablers. We here at Whaleoil have long been suggesting that rental property owners will just leave the market and it will be the tenants that suffer.

At the end of that post, I wrote, “So well done Mr Twyford, if your plan was to napalm the rental market, drive up rents, ruin communities, and wreck people’s hopes, you’re well on your way to success.

Well, it seems that the chickens are well and truly coming home to roost. Mr Twyford will be very happy he has lost Kiwibuild so that he can now concentrate on finding motels for people.

Yesterday we heard of a couple who were being given the boot from “their” home, just four days before the new Healthy Homes legislation came into force so that the landlord could take his own sweet time to upgrade the property.

Well firstly, we told you so, and secondly, it’s not their home; it belongs to the landlord. You know the person whose own money is tied up in it, the one who pays the rates and the mortgage.

Stuff have done a little article on the story. In it, we hear that this West Auckland couple, who appear to be in their 70s are thinking about taking the landlord to court via the Tenancy Tribunal in order to ‘claim the $4,000’, as the landlord hadn’t brought the property up to standard by July 1st.

In my opinion, this crazy law where the fine will be paid directly to the tenant is going to be a massive problem and we will further see the supply of rentals dry up because of it.

The wife said the house had been in a state of disrepair for some time – they had put buckets out every time it rained because the roof leaked, but multiple property managers had overlooked the issues.


So the house is crappy, but they are pretty keen to stay. I don’t suppose that is because they can’t find anything better due to their age and the fact that they have two dogs? Well done Labour, you might as well sign them up for emergency motel accommodation now.

Then of course there is a response from the Auckland Tenants’ Protection Association co-ordinator Angela Maynard, who advised that the couple could well also take the landlord to the Tribunal in order to have the eviction notice set aside as a Retaliatory Notice!

Yeah, good luck with that one Angela. A Retaliatory Notice would be one that has been issued after the tenant has attempted to stand up for their supposed rights. This eviction notice was the full 90 days as required by law. Sure if the landlord had been a bit more onto it, he would have issued it 90 days before the new legislation but there is nothing illegal about giving your tenants notice. To be honest I’m surprised the landlord didn’t need the house urgently for family which would have only required 42 days notice.

It might be retaliatory against our inept government, but that’s not what the rule is about. I am however sure that things will get twisted in favour of the tenants and the landlord will likely still get caned. I wonder if he will still be a landlord in the future? I would love to hear his side of the story too.

I know of many people who are divesting themselves of their rental properties, my family included. When you make it hard for landlords, they will just give up. And when they do it will be the tenants that suffer.

So well done Labour, Greens and NZ First. More tenants looking for somewhere to live, one less rental property available.

Another slow clap for you.