That’s Not a Hit Job, It’s a Slap Over the Hand With a Wet Bus Ticket

The National party attempted a hit job on Labour’s car tax policy and FAILED miserably.

Let me count the ways that this hit job is a BIG fail on National’s part:

  1. The subsidies on EVs only apply up to $80,000 so the Porsche Cayenne falls outside of this.
  2. There’s another problem: the “electric Porsche Cayenne” doesn’t even exist in the real world yet. While it’s on the cards hypothetically, no final decision has been made and it could even be several years away from a production scale release according to motoring sites. Foot, meet bullet.
  3. A much more effective car for comparison would be the prime minister’s Tesla or a Jaguar EV.
  4. If they were referencing the Cayenne E-Hybrid (which does exist), it is still a fail as it is a hybrid, not a full electric, and still well outside the $80k ceiling.

The Nats need to get a better research unit or they will keep getting ridiculed. To be an effective opposition you need to deal in facts not fiction.

Here is an effective photo to use in a hit job on the car tax that our blog research unit, AKA Sally found for us.

Tesla and boat parked in the driveway of the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s home.