That’s Not Creepy At All

Another day, another lefty trans activist exposed as a creepy predator.

“Jessica” (original name Jonathan) Yaniv is a porky Canadian bloke who looks like a bad Divine impersonator and is creepier than Jeffrey Dahmer and Bill Cosby driving a white van together past a primary school. Yaniv is a serial litigant who’s gained notoriety for repeatedly tormenting real women trying to make an honest living, by launching lawsuit after lawsuit against beauticians who baulked at having to wax his meat’n’two veg. But there’s worse. Much, much worse.

It turns out, now, that he wants to host topless pool parties with kids as young as 12 – no parents allowed.

Self-described “LGBTQ advocate” and trans woman Jessica Yaniv was to present Monday night at Township of Langley Council on the need for an LGBTQ “all-bodies” swim where no parents are present.

Yaniv’s delegation request to appear before council stated she was asking for:

“Permission for LGBTQ2S+ organizations to be allowed to host an ‘All-Bodies Swim’ at TOL [Township of Langley] civic pools…for people aged 12+ where these events will be restricted to LGBTQ2S and individuals will be permitted to be topless (at their leisure), in compliance with the laws of Canada and where parents and caretakers will be prohibited from attending these events as it’s considered safe and inclusive.”

Notably, Yaniv requests that 12 be set as the minimum age for participation in the ‘all-bodies’ swim, but does not give an upper age limit. She also specifically notes that toplessness should be allowed and that parents should be banned from attending.

The previously scheduled “all-bodies” swim in Langley City was cancelled due to social media backlash after the event stated that attendees were only required to wear bottoms, leading some to deduce that this could end up being a topless pool party involving individuals ages 12-24.

It turns out that this cross-dressing land-whale has a not-at-all-creepy obsession with preteen girls.

A screencap of Yaniv talking online to a 14-year-old girl.

Yaniv appears to have solicited advice about approaching preteen girls in leaked Facebook message screenshots.

Yaniv asked questions such as “is it weird to ask a 10-12 year old girl for a pad? Or a tampon? … should I give her one and instruct her on how to use it?” and “If there’s like 30 girls in the change room, how many of them would you say are out there changing freely with their vaginas and tits out?”

He also sounds more than a bit racist. Many of the beauticians who refused to lay hands on his cricket set were Sikh, whom he allegedly called “dirty”, “unclean” and “liars”.

But, as if all that weren’t enough…

A young woman has come forward with serious allegations of abuse against Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv…Twenty-year-old Jessica Rumpel of Sammamish, Washington State has disclosed details to the Post Millennial of her encounters with Jessica Yaniv.

Rumpel was just 14 years old at the time of the interactions, turning 15…“[Yaniv] called me titty queen, even asked me to marry him and I was only 15. He said he couldn’t wait until I turned 16.”

This fellow has some disturbing obsessions. He has also lobbied his local council for “free tampons and pads to be placed in female, male, and gender-neutral washrooms”. As it turns out, “menstrual products” are a bit of a fetish for this creeper.

As has been revealed from previously exposed conversations, Yaniv often directed his comments towards menstrual stuffs, even going so far as to pester Rumpel to take photos of her used feminine hygiene products.

Yaniv would send Rumpel disturbing voice messages in an Elmo voice, saying things such as “Elmo wants to f***” and “Elmo loves pussy.” In the final clip, Yaniv is heard saying “I love you Jess Rumpel. Your boobies go up and down, up and down, up and down!”

[…] Rumpel claims that what was left of her sympathy finally wore off when other girls approached her and claimed Yaniv had treated them in a similar, or worse, fashion. The girls saw Yaniv’s comments to Rumpel on her Ask.FM, and tried to warn her.

“[Yaniv] told these girls he was 17…”

The left huff and puff that paedophile activism creeping into the gay lobby is a “right-wing conspiracy”. Apparently, all these paedophile drag queens, “LGBTQP” and “MAPs” activists are just a coincidence.

As is the fact that trans activists are lobbying for – and increasingly being granted – free access to the most intimate spaces reserved for women and girls.

Nope: definitely nothing to see, here, folks.