The Climate Change Con

It was the recent headline on Whaleoil regurgitating JAG’s statement: “Climate change is our generation’s WW2 moment” that absolutely flabbergasted me.

Climate change is not our WW2 moment, climate change is a con job.

Our current climate and climate changes are all normal and well within the historical pattern of change: certainly over the last 10,000 years.

Unfortunately, despite efforts by logical critical thinkers, including those climate scientists who make the correct information available, the world believes otherwise. Sadly they have achieved little or no change in understanding, attitude, or most importantly, policy on the world stage. 

Everywhere we travelled in Europe and the UK over the last two months, most politicians, the media and people’s conversations espoused the predetermined definition, that climate change is accepted as a major risk and that it is mankind’s responsibility to remedy the situation. This deception is now what people accept, although they don’t necessarily believe or really understand it. But because of the indoctrination, it is now the underlying motive for all energy and environment policies that are the mainstay of most western and business-world views.

The main risk is not the climate, but the fallacy that globalist governments have created to gain financial power and control. Using climate pseudoscience, they have affected the foundations of our society: from energy to the environment; from industry to business and even our daily lives. The penalties imposed on us are expensive and completely unnecessary.

Ironically, I see from recent NASA data that the real climate change risk we face is a shift to colder weather, whilst all the globalists are warning us to be prepared for warmer conditions in future. The globalists are unlikely to change their story, even when we are shivering.

Besides being frustrated by the success of the deception, I am disappointed about the waste of time and money, and the opportunities lost. Think about the trillions wasted addressing a non-existent problem, whilst real problems, such as providing clean water, adequate sewage and a hand-up to lift the third world out of poverty, remain unsolved.

Even if people could identify all the bad science, manipulation of data, the creation of false and misleading reports and deliberate amplification of fear, it would do little to spread the truth and correct the story. The ‘deniers’ have failed to convince the ‘believers’ and have now successfully been labelled as ‘conspiracy theorists’ – Identity Politics 101.

The Left, however, wants far more. Its goal is totalitarianism: the total control of every aspect of human life, which they attempt to justify by instilling a religious fear of climate change.

It is important to understand that ‘a small group’ has managed to deceive the world into believing that a trace gas (0.04% of the total atmosphere) is changing the entire climate, and that group has convinced many others to participate in the deception!

The public might believe that deceiving so many people isn’t possible, but it has actually happened. Now, most governments including the New Zealand CoL and the National opposition believe it and act on this deceptive belief.

Since the 1980s, nations have succumbed to the lies, misrepresentations, and pressure of the eco-bullies who have used the environment and later, “climate change”, to advance their political agenda. As with all such shifts, globalists then seized on it for the power and financial rewards it provided. Using the Socialist toolkit, they introduced their environment and climate change plans at the Earth Summit conference in Rio de Janeiro in 1992; this was Agenda 21.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) climate plan that identified and demonised CO2 was designed and implemented at the national level in every nation throughout the world. This put the control of those countries almost completely in the hands of the globalists.

Now the Climate Action Plan is being imposed at the local council level, putting the plan of thinking globally and acting locally into practice.

Let us be frank, this is a con trick to take power and control, garner our hard-earned money by another form of ‘taxation’ and redistribute wealth (but definitely not for the poor). Our government banning offshore drilling at Taranaki was excused by many as only virtue signalling by the prime minister; however, in my opinion, she was carrying out the globalist plan.

The massive cost of this anti-CO2 virtue-signalling is only possible because of the one thing that it demonises: fossil fuels.

I think the idea is so attractive to all politicians who want to control us, because it goes under the cloak of ‘saving the planet’ so it fits the narrative. The only differences are in the degree and methods of implementation.

In this age of the big lie, our survival is more challenging than ever. It is important to influence your friends and local politicians before it is too late.