The Most Fraudulent Government I Can Remember

By John

I enjoyed reading Matthew Hooton’s article posted by Christie. Like Christie always does, Matthew nails it. 

Personally, I would go so far as to say that this would have to be the most fraudulent government I can remember, and I can remember back to  Arnold Nordmeyer’s Black Budget of 1958. This band of losers, like left losers globally, pays no attention to accuracy or truth when it comes to making political statements or to answering interviewers’ questions. 

Winston and Jacinda lead the way. Jacinda is either talking meaningless drivel or spouting her ideology. Winston has no hesitation in mouthing off whatever piece of verbiage suits the subject matter at hand. There are many examples of ministers doing the same. They spend most of their time talking the language of hypocrisy. That is fine as far as they are concerned, though, because it’s their parlance. The reasons for this behaviour are many, but incompetence and ideology are two that would be near the top of the list. 

The Wellbeing Budget is nothing short of a fraud. There is nothing for your wellbeing about it unless you are one of the nephews on the couch. Beneficiary numbers are up and are we surprised? Carmel Sepuloni could only come up with lame reasons for the increase, such as a rise in the population, when interviewed on ZB. If Carmel were honest she would say it was her policies that have led to the numerical explosion. It’s all about no care and no responsibility.

As Matthew points out, Kiwibuild, the Billion Trees and the Provincial Growth Fund have also turned out to be frauds. Those policies were never going to work in the way intended but taxpayers will now pay a heavy price for their continued implementation.

Jacinda promised no new taxes in her first term. Perhaps she should have prefaced that by saying at least not on a weekly basis. According to Amy Adams, the government has imposed $2 billion worth of new taxes since taking office. This is not only fraudulent but blatantly deceitful.

Jacinda Ardern Taxes meme

Corruption, embezzlement, fraud, these are all characteristics that exist everywhere. It is regrettably the way human nature functions, whether we like it or not. What successful economies do is keep it to a minimum. No one has ever eliminated any of that stuff. 

Alan Greenspan

The type of economy this government is running means there is little hope of keeping it to a minimum.