The Orwellian Nature of the UK Defend Media Freedom Conference

Ezra Levant and Sheila Gunn Reid from the Rebel Media are currently in London to cover the so-called Defend Media Freedom Conference, which is being run by the British and Canadian governments.

I say “so-called” because some media outlets and reporters have been BANNED from attending the conference.

[…] the government has banned journalists from Russian-funded media outlets RT and Sputnik from attending the conference. The BBC reported that a spokesperson said:

We have not accredited RT or Sputnik because of their active role in spreading disinformation.

[…] It takes a particular brand of hypocrisy to advocate for freedom of press while banning inconvenient voices and slandering alternative media; sadly, the world has learned to expect just that from the UK Foreign Office.

In response to the dispute, Jodie Ginsberg – the chief executive of the Index on Censorship – condemned the foreign office:
Cherry-picking only the media that one government considers acceptable is precisely the kind of action we condemn from authoritarian states.


Rebel Media themselves are the ONLY independent media who were allowed to attend. This surprised them as Chrystia Freeland, part of Trudeau’s cabinet, is co-hosting the media freedom conference. It was her office that literally asked the United Nations to refuse to allow the Rebel Media to attend big UN conferences on global warming and immigration, to punish them for having the wrong point of view.

Every week Justin Trudeau and his Liberals infringe on our freedom of speech a little bit more. From pressuring social media companies to censor conservatives, to slowly turning “Islamophobia” into a crime, to bringing back the section 13 censorship provision of the Canadian Human Rights Act, it just keeps getting worse.

So I nearly spat out my coffee when I learned that Chrystia Freeland, part of Trudeau’s cabinet, was co-hosting a media freedom conference this week in London, England, along with her UK counterpart, Jeremy Hunt.
What a laugh! Hunt is part of the UK government that is throwing a citizen journalist named Tommy Robinson into prison this very week, for the “crime” of reporting outside a rape trial. 

[…] During a question and answer session, Sheila asked UN Special Rapporteur on Free Speech, David Kaye, about the UN’s campaign against “hate speech and Islamophobia”.

His answer will shock you.

David Kaye admitted that there is no legal definition of “hate speech”. You almost have to hear it to believe it.

Perhaps like our prime minister, Kaye thinks it is acceptable to take the dangerous line that the government will target “examples where when you see it, you know it”.

Our prime minister has said that her government will focus on restricting speech that will likely lead to harm or violence against others. This is misleading as inciting a person to commit violence is already an offence under the Crimes Act 1961. Like David Kaye, our prime minister is proposing to restrict hate speech despite there being no legal definition of hate speech.

If globalists organizing a censorship campaign haven’t decided on a legal definition for “hate speech”, how on earth can we trust them not to use it to silence their critics?

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