The PM’s Speech in Melbourne was an Utter Joke

By NeedToBeAnnonymous

I read Jacinda’s Melbourne speech transcript and it was an utter joke.
She should resign from her job. That’s how bad it was.
She was supposed to talk about good governance but instead spoke about good government.

I had given her some credit, assuming that she’d speak about the principles of good governance in the context of good government. Transparency, accountability, measurement etc are the most important attributes of a good government so there was at least a chance that despite starting on the wrong path, she’d actually end up talking about good governance.

Of course, she failed spectacularly. Instead of focusing on these issues which determine whether a government actually provides the services that are needed in an accountable and non-corrupt way, she spoke about wellbeing and equality, how Trump and Nationalism are evil (paraphrased of course) and how despite being “potentially” responsible for a lot of wrong in the world, international organisations like the UN should be given more power (again paraphrased). It was basically just an election campaign speech for the Melbourne based voters and a job application for her hopeful UN role post-prime ministership.

The single most important role of a prime minister is governance. Ensuring that our taxpayer money is spent effectively and efficiently and people are held accountable for their actions on our behalf. Jacinda has performed horrendously at this key role and now it becomes obvious why. Like GDP, she simply doesn’t know what governance is. She is simply not qualified to run a country based on this and should resign. She is an embarrassment.