The Sunday Roast

Who did the readers give a good old Kiwi roasting this week? 

The climate ’emergency’ nonsense got a fair old roasting last week. And rightly so. As Karma wondered, “Is there an ambulance big enough to fit the environment in?” But if the children declare it is an emergency, then it must be. Children always know best.

Our single use plastic PM is quoted as saying:

I don’t see why there should be any reason why members of Parliament wouldn’t want to demonstrate that this is a matter of urgency.

Perhaps, just perhaps, there are members of parliament with a functioning brain?

deja vu nailed it:

If Jacinda wants so badly to declare a climate ’emergency’ then she can lead by example. Move out of a house that is far too big for you, Jacinda, and take a small apartment. Cancel all your plans to travel overseas. Cut down on photo ops around the country. You can set up conferencing at the Beehive instead. To really show you mean business, cycle to work and ditch the ministerial car. Get your clothes from the op shop and cut out most of your ‘perks’ at the taxpayers’ expense. Best of all, cut your salary in half and start working full time like most taxpayers have to. WE are your employers – not the other way around. Oh, and examine yourself and take a large dose of humility. You haven’t earned your job – you were not elected, and you simply aren’t value for OUR money.

Sally was there with a practical suggestion:

Ms Ardern how about stopping sending millions of dollars overseas which is wasted on this climate change dribble and do something constructive with it.
Improve infrastructure so it can cope with various weather conditions.
Build sea walls, stop banks, improve roads, strength bridges, look at the horticultural industry plant crops that suit drier conditions, make forestry more accountable. Stop virtue signalling to the world and do something more constructive at home.
Get off those planes, no more conversations on the world stage. We are a dot at the end of the world, stop say you are going to save the world. Anyway if the world is coming to the end money and talk are not going to save it.
Save your emergency for the next earthquake or volcanic eruption. They are are more likely going to kill us first.

Lindis drew an germane comparison:

That’s what happens when you love your ideology more than you love your fellow countrymen . Trump loves his countrymen . Jacinda Ardern loves her ideology . Guess which country has happier people at the moment ? Answer: not ours .

Cadwallader took us back to Christchurch and a real emergency:

What people faced in CHCH after the earthquakes was an “emergency!” To use the same label in the context of a supposed/possible contingency is not only a misuse of the word but a despicable insult to those who did suffer from wide-scale earthquake repercussions. Was Jacinda absent overseas during those terrible events…I am confident she may have been leading troubled youth to her imagined Marxist utopia? I detest the CoL.

xbolt turned up the sarc volume on his keyboard:

I suppose that the provinces of Coromandel, Westland & Southland will have to secede from the Union Of Soviet Socialist Provinces Of New Zealand as they are refusing to declare a Climate Emergency and therefore have a dissenting view from Comrade Ardern’s Supreme Soviet Politburo. Embryonic Democracy in the Provinces. Who would have thought it possible in the Socialist/Communist Utopia that is New Zealand in 2019.

Davo42 agreed that there was a genuine emergency …

We have an emergency all right, but it is to do with the political climate. All I am thinking is how much is this going to cost me……