The Sunday Roast

Who did the readers give a good old Kiwi roasting this week? 

There was absolutely no doubt about who was going to get roasted this week. Once Julie Anne Genter opened her mouth about subsidies for EVs and extra taxes (“there will be no new taxes”) on ICE vehicles, it was all on.

And then the ever so popular politician who garnered 2438 votes in her electorate (less than half the number who voted for the Greens in that same electorate) went full retard and channelled America’s village idiot, AOC.

The AOC quote that JAG parrotted was that “The climate crisis is the biggest challenge of our time. It’s our generation’s WWII.

Unsurprisingly, the Oilers were not with JAG on this and the Whaleoil posts were a fun read.

But the real fun was over on Twitter. To save you the trouble, here is a random selection. There were very few coming to JAG’s defence on Twitter – perhaps they were manning the barricades against the climate onslaught?

……compares a world war to a VS Tax Grab from a left govt , I can imagine how bored the vehicle industry was to listen to the sermons from someone as hypocritical as a Fake NZ Green on 3%? First and Last Generation ? #2020 vote these loonies out along with @jacindaardern

Just go away woman .

Julie, rather than making decisions which have zero (may I repeat that), zero, impact on world climate, what exactly are you doing for our economy and people which justifies your salary.

I think you are well meaning and honestly believe what you are saying. But that in my eyes makes you totally deranged in your thinking.

Comparing climate change to WWII, are you serious…. People died fighting for freedom of the world..

NZ has had 1 degree of warming yet Ministry for Environment official data (also NIWA) show no increase in extreme weather, in fact it has decreased over last 30 years. Same internationally there is no official data to show GW is harmful. WW2 however was real.

This comment is disgusting

You are so disrespectful !


Americans know so little about WWII. How to insult practically everyone.

What absolute drivel ! nonexistent man made climate change compared to WW2… Just another greedy tax on the average ‘car fascists’ ……. how about some policies that will assist workers and businesses to thrive..the tax take will thrive then too.

You wouldn’t know the meaning of concern. Concern doesn’t fit in with your Green agenda.

How can you ever possibly know what WWII was like for my parents and those of their generation who served in the war and experienced the effects of it on their lives. Your comments are insulting to them. You have no idea.

How dare you make comparison with WW11, you are so very ill informed.

Did you see the caning Alexandria Ocasio Cortez got for using those exact words comparing climate change to WWII before you simply repeated it?

Dont you dare compare the WW2 to this garbage you are really need to go back on you medication and apologize to NZ for comparing your fantasy climate change to the War #unhingedJAG

How can you even begin to compare WW2 to climate change!? You are just as disgusting as @golrizghahraman comparing immigration detention centres to concentration camps!!! What the hell is wrong with you people?!!! OMG you are so thick the lot of you!! #nzpol

I am speechless. Is it a competition among the member of the ‘Green’ party to make at least one ignorant and outrageously ridiculous comment a week on Twitter? It seems that both Golriz and Genter are shamelessly ignorant when it comes to WW II

Let’s finish with New Conservative Deputy Leader, Elliot Ikilei’s, response to JAG:

Disgraceful comment.

The genocide of millions of Jews, the wanton slaughter of millions more across the world by the most vicious globalist we have ever seen, is comparable?


Climate Alarmism has no comparison to World War II.

Go back to pushing weed on our people…