The Sunday Roast

Who did the readers give a good old Kiwi roasting this week? 

Calling all right-wing extremists. We want to analyse you and show the world just how evil you really are. Oops no, sorry, didn’t mean to say that, what I meant was we want to “explore the contributions right-wing politics and political activists make to political discourse and behaviour”. Yeah, that was it.

An oh so innocent email shot down the fibre optic connections and landed in the Whaleoil editor’s inbox.

After showing a few past tweets, posts and opinion pieces from the emailer Kieran Ford, the Oilers were not so sure that the results of said “research” would be entirely balanced.

xbolt, for example was not convinced.

It’s good to see our esteemed left-wing academics are at their usual honest and trustworthy selves as per normal. Hrrumph, they couldn’t lie straight in bed.

Lindis wasn’t buying

These academics are just so boringingly predictable now . They all think the same , hold the same views ,like the same people , oppose the same people , accuse others of being what they themselves are ( intolerant) , and they always always scream that they are ‘peaceful’ whilst speaking intolerance and threats against those they disagree with .Theyre groupthink , boring, predictable ,convergent thinkers only . Wow what an indictment on Otago university and its education . Otago used to teach you ‘how’ to think . Now they appear to teach you ‘what’ to think . No thanks.

Wibble suggested that the conclusion of the paper might already have been written. Shame on you Wibble!

What is the point of interviewing anybody? He has already told us the conclusions of his “research” before he starts doing it. No bias there.

And jedmo – another one thinking the die was already cast.

Does a reputable university like Otago, care about it’s standing being tarnished by the dishonesty deceit closed-mindedness obvious searching for pre-determined outcomes, shown here?

Actually, there seemed to be a theme running … Ask Pam.

How on earth can you be acceptable as a Doctoral student with such an obviously closed mind? What is a PhD worth these days? Doubt that it is much outside academia.

The ever thought provoking Maria suggested a little self-examination was in order for Mr Ford.

I think this academic should test his left/right premise. I would have thought that he would dig deep enough to be sure on his foundations, for that level of research is what is required at masters level and definitely PhD.

There is enough evidence around to suggest the left/right spectrum of nastiness, you know totalitarian nutters to the right who end up killing lots of people and the more ignored totalitarian nutters to the left that end up killing lots of people is a debunked and false idea.

Basically all the totalitarians termed left or right are all collectivists of one leftist stripe or another. Those truly on the right just value tradition and freedom. So on those terms I am happily far right.

Mrs R wondered about something Ford had opined in the ODT

“…with no measures in place to protect the country from the Right.”

Please tell who protects us from the Left? This country is constantly being subjected to hateful racist diatribe from certain Green party members who dress it up as being inclusive and caring (but only to their narrow selected chosen few). We are being force fed extreme Left ideology like it’s the only thing on the menu and it’s giving me hives. Honestly Kieran get out from within those university walls and take a walk on the wild side. You know, try going to bar and talking to working men who have real life worries like paying bills, sick kids and keeping their marriage right side up. Talk to them about politics and I guarantee you your beliefs will be challenged.

The Big Think hit the nail on the head.

I’m guessing he’s struggled to find some right-wing extremists hence the email. Don’t think we can help, because I haven’t come across any in this blog.