The Sunday Roast

Who did the readers give a good old Kiwi roasting this week? 

Possibly many Oilers shared my opinion that Todd Muller, MP for Western Bay of Plenty and National Party Climate Change spokesman, was attempting to steer a balanced course and soften the excesses of James Shaw et al. He appeared, in speeches in the house, to be agreeing with cuts while warning against getting ahead of the rest of the world with excessive cuts and aggressive pain to the economy.

Wonder no more. Todd is swimming in the Koolaid while singing “I’m a Believer“.

I have always had a lot of respect for Todd, my local MP, as a person. He is a thoroughly nice bloke and a great electorate MP. However his latest utterance has blown it.

Wibble was out of the blocks smartly with a comment about a ‘consensus’ that Todd and National might not find quite as acceptable:

Dear Todd, thanks for confirming that you do not believe in science in any way, shape or form, and that you instead believe that decisions should be made based upon subjective opinions and political “consensus” rather than objective fact. There is no such thing as “consensus” in science Todd, and anyone who says that there is, has just proven that they are not, by definition, a scientist. Perhaps you have read a little too much from the great “Scientists” like Al Gore, Barack Obama and Greta Thunberg.

Since you seem to be so happy with the “consensus” that you already have on climate change Todd, then you will be glad to know that traditional National Party voters will not be so cruel as to overburden you with yet another “consensus” of votes in the upcoming election. Clearly one consensus is already beyond your understanding. As a past National Party voter, Au Revoir Todd.

Cadae suggested Todd really read the IPCC reports, not just the soundbites for politicans.

Todd needs to read the real science sections of the IPCC AR reports – not the bureaucracy-created and politically driven summaries that have misled him. In the science sections he will find plenty of hedging statements about the soundness of the models and their future ‘projections’. Note especially the clearly documented lack of understanding of the impact of and the ability to model clouds. Clouds have a significant impact on temperatures and precipitation.

Blueburd challenged Todd to prove it to us all:

Hey Todd, show us the absolute proof that MMCC is real and happening. To date every prediction made about CC let alone MMCC has been wrong. The polar caps are still in place, there is still sea ice and snow continues to fall. All of those were predicted to not exist anymore.

I suggest you join the real world, and realise that looking after our environment and reducing pollution in our own neck of the woods will be far more beneficial than giving $1.4b a year to an unknown entity

Doug Longmire was another one not buying ‘consensus:

Science is research, data, double blind studies, evidence, critical evaluation of an hypothesis.
Science is NOT “consensus” . Politics is consensus.
Every medical or science student knows this.
The Global man made global warming rort fails all of these simple, High School, basic scientific tests.

Yawgdum Nomad didn’t hold back!

Todd Muller. Seriously. Are you mentally challenged? I will tell you what fellow oilers, I’m finding it very hard as an independent thinker to not completely lose it with these fools. If Todd really has fallen for the biggest scam in human history, then he’s about as much use as a two day old ham sandwich.

And another affirmation that the Nats are as relevant to right minded folk as Cuba’s communistic regime.

Noncommittal, Bartman, LaidbackSally, PaulC, STAG, GT, Cedric, Wibble and yours truly all declared that this was the final straw and that National had lost their votes.

SadButTrue had an idea to get us out of the mess:

Boris, please annex NZ. We haven’t got anyone here with a clue