The Truth about Tommy Robinson Cannot Be Found in the MSM

If you want to find out the truth about what has happened to Tommy Robinson DO NOT do a Google search and then click on News. The one site, Rebel Media, that you can guarantee will tell you the facts doesn’t even make the list. The lies and smears to be found in each and every mainstream media account disgust me.

Tommy Robinson is both a journalist and an activist but the media all insist on calling him the “former EDL leader”. This is despite his no longer having anything to do with them and despite the fact that he left them a long time ago because he was unhappy with the direction they were going.

They smear him as a far-right and an anti-Muslim activist when anyone who has heard him speak knows that both descriptions are completely wrong.

The articles also deliberately ( I assume) get key facts about his case wrong. They say that he jeopardised a Muslim grooming gang case when the day of the incident was the date for sentencing as they had already been found guilty. That and many other important points have been completely lied about to make Tommy look as if he deliberately broke the law and risked prejudicing the trial, when he did nothing wrong and his actions were no different than the actions of journalists towards him every day of the week including outside the courthouse.

Some articles even go as low as to suggest that Tommy is making money off the terrible situation he is facing in the hope that it will turn public opinion against him and stop his supporters from contributing to his defence.

He is a political prisoner and he has been targeted by the judiciary, the government and mainstream media for daring to pull the Band-Aid off the festering sore that is the reality of the Muslim grooming gangs in Britain.

He dared to expose the destruction of the lives of young British girls that the British system failed to protect for decades. He dared to criticise the establishment who allowed the industrial-scale sexual abuse and torture of these poor girls because they didn’t want to be seen as racist. He stood up for these girls and he pointed out uncomfortable truths about Islam.

Rather than tackle the actual problem, the corrupt British establishment decided to shoot the messenger. We can only pray that Tommy will not be murdered inside prison. He was tortured and starved last time and deliberately moved to a prison where there was a majority Muslim prison population in the hope that he would be murdered.

Previously in the UK a man who was convicted for putting a strip of bacon on a mosque door handle was murdered while inside prison. All this happened inside a supposedly civilised Western democracy. It shows that in the UK civilisation is just a facade.

Tommy has been sentenced to 9 months but because of time previously served he needs to survive for approximately 2 months. I will not be at all surprised if he has to once again endure solitary confinement in order to save his life.