They Never Saw It Coming

The Blind Foundation is in a spot of bother with the council over demolishing a building and creating a carpark.

Either the Foundation did not read the planning rules or they simply turned a blind eye to them and now council staff are looking into the matter.

Unsurprisingly, the Blind Foundation can’t see that they’ve done anything wrong and they certainly won’t have seen the council investigation coming.

Blinded by the economics of the deal the Foundation failed to see the environmental aspects of the project but it probably won’t make a blind bit of difference now that the house is demolished.

Resource consents are a nightmare; you really need an expert to take your hand and guide you through the process, otherwise it’s a case of the blind leading the blind. One has to ensure that all the t’s are crossed and all the i’s are dotted otherwise you can end up down a blind alley.

Now there will have to be a hearing to sort it all out, as currently they are simply feeling their way, and it is touch and go after the boss flew into a blind rage when they found out there was a bit of a fuss over their carpark.

Someone, clearly, needs to get the cane as staff are certainly not seeing eye to eye with the council on this matter.

Suspicious minds might wonder if any council inspectors turned a blind eye to the proposal. Or maybe it is the council’s fault for not providing planning approval documents in Braille?

And, why do they need a carpark…how many blind people drive? Surely a dog walking area would be a better investment than a carpark.

It has all become a bit of a guide dog’s breakfast, really, and it does not seem that the foundation will see the council’s point of view at all.

Hopefully, the Blind Foundation does not have a bad feeling about the whole situation and they can see their way clear to resolving the situation with the council.