Those Damn Racist Facts Again

“There is no racist like an antiracist,” Theodore Dalrymple once wisely observed. “That is because he is obsessed by race, whose actual existence as often as not he denies. He looks at the world through race-tinted spectacles”. The modern left are the apotheosis of the race-obsessed “anti-racists”. Everything is racist, as far as the left are concerned. Facts most of all.

It is a fact that blacks in America – at all socio-economic levels – commit crimes at a far higher rate than whites or Asians (Africans in Melbourne, Australia, are an astonishing 30 to 86 times more likely to commit some categories of violent crime). East Asians and Ashkenazi Jews generally score far higher on IQ than other races. These are all facts, as solidly attested as gravity or evolution. Yet, the very mention of these simple facts invariably triggers the left into shrieking denunciations of “racism!”

But, as per the Good Doctor’s observation, race need not even be mentioned at all, to trigger the left’s race-radar.

President Trump blistered Representative Elijah Cummings on Twitter, calling out the chairman of the House Oversight committee for raising the hue and cry over conditions on the Mexican border, “when actually his Baltimore district is FAR WORSE and more dangerous. His district is considered the Worst in the USA.” Trump went on to describe Cummings’s West Baltimore constituency as “a disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess. If he spent more time in Baltimore, maybe he could help clean up this very dangerous & filthy place.”

Note that, just as with his recent attacks on elected representatives who continually disparage America, or indeed his famous campaign criticism of Mexico (which is a nation, not a race), Trump never said a word about race, or skin colour: only poverty, and the failure of political leadership. But, with their overweening obsession about race, the left can’t help but make it about race.

Predictably, the Left—including most of cable news—rushed to condemn Trump as a racist…the operative rule in politics these days seems to be that any criticism of a non-white politician from anywhere to their right is, by definition, a racist attack. Nothing Trump said pertained in any way to Elijah Cummings’s skin color or ethnicity, only to his failure as a legislator and political leader to do anything to improve his district. The real question is: Is he right?

Just as he was when he criticised “shithole countries” and American and Jew-hating Democrat politicians, Trump is absolutely right. Baltimore resembles nothing less than the dystopian future Detroit of the Robocop movies – complete with corrupt, liberal (and black) leadership.

In May, the New York Times Magazine ran a cover story called, “The Tragedy of Baltimore”[:]…. “nothing less than a failure of order and governance the likes of which few American cities have seen in years.”

By any measure of systemic urban collapse, Baltimore is, as Trump said “very dangerous & filthy.” Among the largest 30 American cities, Baltimore has the highest crime rate, and is a close second to Detroit for the highest rate of violent crime. But for murders, Baltimore is second to no other city, with more than 50 homicides per 100,000 people. That puts Charm City in the ranks of Jamaica, Venezuela, and El Salvador in terms of lethality.

“You would think that you were in a Third World country,” said a noted senator during a tour of Representative Cummings’s district in 2015.

What a racist! Without a doubt a Republican or some other far-right Nazi.

No, it was Democratic candidate for president Bernie Sanders, whose comments about Baltimore were not condemned as sickeningly racist, but contemplated as brave reflections on the failure of America to help its struggling communities.

The same Bernie Sanders who now calls Trump a “racist”, for saying exactly the same things about Baltimore as he did. But then Bernie is outdoing himself, lately, in the staggering hypocrisy stakes: after years of campaigning for raising the minimum wage, he sacked or cut the hours of his own staff who asked for minimum wage.

But, if someone criticises a filthy, crime-ridden town for being, well, filthy and crime-ridden, and your first response is to assume that he’s talking about black people, well…I think we know who the real racist is.