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The beauty of an early morning historical post is that the date can mean the event happened today “our time” or today “other side of the world” time.

From the life and death of Plato through to the latest most recent history as it happens, we intend on bringing you stimulating and educational historical knowledge.

July 16

1965:  New Zealand gunners from 161 Field Battery fired the first shots from New Zealanders in the Vietnam War from their Bien Hoa base near Saigon.

1945:  The Manhattan Project comes to an explosive end when at 05:29:45 the first atom bomb is successfully tested in Alamogordo, New Mexico. The bomb had an estimated destructive power of 15,000 to 20,000 tons of TNT.

1969: Apollo 11 is launched from Cape Canaveral. This mission would take Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin in the lunar module “Eagle” to the surface of the moon.

1999:  John F Kennedy Jr. his wife Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, and her sister Lauren Bessette are killed when their plane piloted by Jr. crashes off the coast of Marthas Vineyard, Massachusetts