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The beauty of an early morning historical post is that the date can mean the event happened today “our time” or today “other side of the world” time.

From the life and death of Plato through to the latest most recent history as it happens, we intend on bringing you stimulating and educational historical knowledge.

July 27

1953, After lengthy negotiations, North Korea and the United Nations sign an armistice to end fighting in the Korean War. 4700 New Zealanders served with Kayforce and 1300 on Navy frigates during NZs 7 year involvement in the war, 45 people lost their lives, 33 of them, including 2 navy personal, during the war.

1963, Pioneering aviator George Bolt dies, he was 71. Bolt had a long and varied career in NZ, starting when he launched a glider from the Cashmere Hills as a 18 year old, a glider he had designed and built himself. He worked for the Walsh Bothers at their flying school, becoming chief pilot in 1919, he attained many long distance and altitude records as well as pioneering an early air mail service. He later turned to military aviation, becoming an instructor and engineer with the air force, where he attained the rank of Wing Commander in 1943. In 1944 he was made chief engineer with TEAL and retired in 1960.

1921,  At the University of Toronto, Canadian scientists Frederick Banting and Charles Best, successfully isolate insulin, a hormone they believe could prevent diabetes. Within a year sufferers of diabetes were receiving insulin treatments, countless lives have since been saved from what was once regarded as a fatal disease.

1981, Adam John Walsh, aged 6, is abducted from a mall in Hollywood, Florida. He is later found dead. His father John Walsh became a victims rights advocate, and host of the long running television show Americas Most Wanted.