Tommy Robinson asks Trump for Political Asylum

Tommy Robinson has asked for political asylum in the United States as he believes that he will be murdered inside prison.

“In desperation, I’m making the appeal to President Trump urging him to get his lawyers and his team to look into my case. I’ve already been unlawfully imprisoned, now I’ve been convicted — not by a jury of peers — but the government that got me through a back door. I’ve been convicted for journalism,”

[…] “I seek political asylum because I believe that in two days time I’ll be sent to prison to be murdered by a government who oppose and have taken our freedoms away.”
Robinson added that “freedom of speech is gone and our freedom of press is gone — and whilst it goes, all the mainstream media celebrate it.”

[…] Robinson will be appearing on both the Alex Jones Show today and Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show this week to publicly make the asylum request.
Robinson had previously served 10 weeks in prison for the same offense before the charges were overturned in the Court of Appeal. Their ruling that found he was improperly tried, convicted, sentenced and imprisoned. Though he was released, the court left the option open to try him again for the same incident — which they did this week.

Robinson previously detailed the horrible physical and psychological abuse he endured in prison in an interview with Rebel Media.
During his nearly three months in prison, Robinson lost over 40 pounds as he was surviving on fruit and five cans of tuna per week due to concerns about the inmates preparing his meals. He repeatedly complained to the prison and requested that they raise the £12 per week commissary spending limit so that he could purchase more packaged food, but they would not allow it.

Robinson also explained how after he was moved to a majority Muslim prison he had to stay inside his cell with the windows shut because people would spit or throw feces through his window. He believes that he was deliberately moved to a prison with a high Muslim population […]

Since he is such an outspoken critic of Islam, he had to be kept in solitary confinement for his safety.
“If he were to have stayed in prison much longer, I fear his very life would have been in danger,” Levant wrote.
Additionally, he was only allowed to see his wife and children twice, for one hour each time. At one point, he was told by an inmate that his family was going to be attacked with acid.

Summit News noted that the US Refugee Act of 1980 and the United Nations 1967 Protocol on Refugees provides for the resettlement of people subject to persecution over their political opinions.