TVNZ Panel vs Elliot Ikilei

Watch Elliot Ikilei the deputy leader of the New Conservatives present his reasoned views on Trump while members of the condescending panel laugh at him and try to dismiss his views. It was very much three against one and Elliot held his own calmly and well.

It was fascinating to watch them change the subject by saying bizarre things like, well we can have two points of view yelling at each other, when no one was yelling and he was just making a valid point that they did not want to have to acknowledge or counter.

The line that really showed them up for the lefties they are was “That’s a brown man on the couch saying that.” In other words, brown men should all think alike and they don’t like it when a brown man won’t toe the party line. Brown men are supposed to be left-wing and are not supposed to leave the left-wing plantation. Why are they so obsessed with race? Could it be because they are the real racists? Elliot’s skin colour has nothing to do with his views but the panel want everything to be about race.

TVNZ panel on Alcohol and Trump vs Squad (Trump segment begins at 6.08)