University Leftists Move to Entrench Racism

When the Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation, the legacy of billionaire philanthropist Paul Ramsay, attempted to establish a university course in the study of Western civilisation, academics predictably erupted in a sector-wide fit of foaming outrage. Trotting out all their well-worn, right-on epithets, the gibbering loons of academia screeched themselves into a frenzy about supposed “racism”.

But, as it turns out, academics just love them some racism – so long as it’s the right kind of fashionable, left-wing racism.

We have already reported on left-wing academics push to enshrine race-based “ethno-science” in STEM subjects. It gets worse.

All staff at Flinders University would be urged to take “cultural learning” courses about “race, (white) privilege and decolonis­ation”, under a draft reconciliation action plan that acknow­ledges the “ongoing sovereignty” of indigenous people.

Asked whether the decolonis­ation course would be compulsory, a spokeswoman for the draft plan steering group said: “We offer and encourage learning, not enforce it. (The university) can ­itself learn from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities. We want to provide an opportunity for cross-cultural learning.”

She said all aspects of the plan were open for debate and change. All viewpoints were welcome.

This is all self-serving nonsense, of course. Who seriously believes that academics who decline this racist indoctrination will not find their careers coming to a screeching halt? Dissenters will be harassed and bullied by the same mobs of violent ignoramuses who regularly shout, scream and beat into silence anyone who dares disagree with their fashionable nonsense.

This rubbish is the grim outcome of the fashionable academic nonsense called “critical theory”: the moronic, inbred offspring of generations of Marxist intellectual incest.

A popular theory in the humanit­ies and social sciences is that knowledge, power and languag­e cannot be separated, making objective truth an ­illusion. Racism is said to be built into the structure of society, meaning whites enjoy “privilege” regardless of their beliefs, intentions or actions.

The blatant racism of the program is soon laid bare.

Under the draft plan, indig­enous staff at Flinders on fixed-term employment would get automatic contract extensions, and indig­enous job applicants would be ­offered automatic short-listing for interview.

The university would hire an indigenous person to deliver “cultural­ safety training” and local indigenous land owners would be asked for advice on the cultural learning coursework for staff.


The only reason the grasping ninnies of the “intelligentsia” think that everything is about money and power, racism and privilege is because they judge everyone else by their own appalling moral compass and assume that everyone is cut from the same dictatorial cloth as themselves.

Aboriginal politician and businesswoman Jacinta Nampijinpa Price is having none of it.

Seriously what is going on with our Universities? They are supposed to be places of learning instead of places where ideology is imposed on its students. What is a culturally inclusive environment supposed to be and who determines what that means? What’s wrong with recognising and celebrating our Australian culture that is a culmination of all of us in our nation and our contributions together? Let’s stop wasting money on creating division and simply get on with educating!

The last thing left-wing academics want is a generation of properly-educated students. Heaven knows, they might actually start thinking for themselves.