Vigilante Veganism

Smelly Hippies in New Zealand have been doing vigilante Veganism, putting their vegetable stained paws all over meat inside supermarkets

The “anti-meat” stickers have been found on packaging in some supermarkets across New Zealand.
A briefing from Foodstuffs North Island leaked to 1 NEWS says more stores are being targeted by vegan activist groups – and is asking stores to increase security.
It says any products found with a sticker on them should be taken from the fridge, and isolated.

People engaging in the sticker-activism were acting illegally, Beef and Lamb New Zealand chief executive Rod Slater said […]

“It just disturbs me that people like this think that they can come in and disrupt a lawful business in the manner that they do.”
The products that have the labels stuck to them were considered contaminated, and had to be thrown out, he said […]

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