We Need to Talk About this Twitter Account

Straight out of the gate I want to make it very clear that the person behind this blocklist that I am going to tell you about is free to be a complete jackbooted, authoritarian, self-righteous, finger-pointing, judgemental, conspiracy chasing, racist scumbag.

I believe in free speech and he is free to create a block list and to defame people on Twitter hiding like a coward behind an anonymous Twitter handle. The people he attacks in turn are free to try to confirm who he is and to call him out for his lies and defamatory accusations.

The latest person to find themselves a target of this person is none other than ACT candidate Stephen Berry. I hope he takes it as a badge of honour as the person behind this blocklist is a complete nutter.

angry friday the 13th GIF by Travis Falligant

Rumour suggests that the person behind the blocklist has a real cheek trolling Twitter looking for people he calls extremists given that he was once one of the Urewera Four.

When he is not accusing mainstream political party members of extremism he is targeting Christian Religious leaders because according to him being against Sharia law in New Zealand means that you are a conspiracy theorist and are Islamophobic!

Retweeting posts from Whaleoil, disagreeing with Islamic ideology, saying anything positive about President Trump or disagreeing with blue-haired feminism also will get you on the BlocklistNZ cause everyone knows that people with those kinds of views are the kinds of people who strap on suicide vests and drive trucks into crowded Christmas markets. [sarcasm]

What is truly sad is that this man actually thinks he is making the world a better place by attempting to mute all these points of view that he disagrees with and by creating the list so that others can mute them too.

What he is actually doing is creating a list of people for those who disagree with him to follow. If there are any genuine extremists hidden in his list then he has pointed their fellow extremists straight at them.

On the other hand, he is also bringing out the worst in people by encouraging a snitch culture and a hatred of white people.

The guy running this defamatory list needs to look in the mirror.

  • He is the one who is acting like a vicious Troll.
  • He is the one who has made himself judge and jury over his fellow human beings.
  • He is the one judging others based on their political views, skin colour and religious beliefs.
  • He is the one who is an activist practising activism.