Where’s Wally?

Rumours are flying about the current location of Wally Jacinda Ardern. Rumours have it that she has flown overseas on an Air Force 757 with friends, family and women’s magazine reporters to an undisclosed location.

Someone needs to tell the woman that our air force is NOT her personal taxi service. This will be the second time she has used them as such, and, for sure, she will not be winning hearts and minds with that attitude. Military heads will be upset that NZDF assets are being utilised for a prime minister’s personal use, particularly when Labour governments rarely prioritise spending on the military.

Where’s Wally?

Jacinda is acting just like a tinpot dictator with her own personal plane. Such arrogance. The Air Force will have had to make an adjustment to their training hours and flight schedules in order to fly Ardern and her entourage to their secret location.

Clue One.

When flight crews are only getting 4-6 hrs a month of flying time, I can’t imagine that they will be thrilled to be her taxi service. Why isn’t she using a commercial airline?

She could have chartered a chopper and discreetly headed to an exclusive resort if she needed time out.

Clue Two

The media have been kept in the dark about this trip, which they will not be happy about and, conveniently, the house is in recess. I wonder if a certain magazine was promised an exclusive?

A popular wedding destination for the wealthy is the private resort Aitutaki Lagoon which is a short flight from Rarotonga.

Have the taxpayers just funded the travel costs of the family and friends of Jacinda and Clarke for their secret wedding? Have they funded a working holiday for Clarke and a holiday for Jacinda? Either option is a terrible look and the opposition parties and the media should hammer her mercilessly for it.