Who Will be the Next Race Relations Commissioner?

Considering that a recent Newsroom article made it clear that minority communities in New Zealand want a race-based appointment to fill the role, I am confident that the next Race Relations Commissioner will be selected based on the colour of their skin rather than the content of their character.

Now was the time to appoint a person of colour, with lived experience, and passion, who would advocate strongly for new Zealand’s multi-cultural communities, she said.


If you think that a race-based appointment would be wrong, consider that the Human Rights Commission selected Paul Hunt as its Chief Human Rights Commissioner. Paul Hunt failed utterly to condemn the anti-Semitism of UK Labor Leader Jeremy Corbyn, despite being appointed specifically to fight bigotry. Last year, Hunt unsuccessfully stood for a position in the UK Labour Party as a Corbyn-aligned candidate.

Given our prime minister’s hijab-wearing response to the terror attack in Christchurch, I think that it is highly likely that the new Commissioner will be both Muslim and a hijab-wearing woman. Anjam Rahman is one person who springs to mind as she has been very vocal in the media and is a strong advocate and activist for the Kiwi Muslim community. She has been described as a “political and human rights activist” and so would tick all the boxes.

If she or another Kiwi Muslim is selected, it will only confirm that the Commission is run by activists and that it is highly political. It will be another nail in the coffin for our right to free speech as they will work tirelessly in the role to push for ‘Hate Speech’ laws to silence all criticism of Islam.

When Susan Devoy was the commissioner, she wanted the police to start labelling crimes as hate crimes; so no matter who is appointed, we can be confident that the Race Relations Commissioner will be not be focused on improving race relations but instead on lecturing the majority about how terrible they are.

It truly is an Orwellian organisation. Instead of promoting good race relations, it promotes division. Instead of focusing on race relations, it jumps, boots and all, into defending and promoting a minority religion.