Who Ya Gonna Call?

There is very worrying news about; there is an emergency! Obviously the place to get information about emergencies is the wonderful world wide webby thingy so what does a search for ’emergency in NZ’ give?

Is it an emergency?
You can call 111 emergency call in situations such as:

  • fire
  • medical emergency
  • someone is badly injured or in danger
  • a serious risk to life or property
  • a crime is being committed and the offenders are still there or have just left
  • you have come across a major public disruption, like trees blocking a road
  • a dangerous situation is happening now or has just happened.

If you are not sure if it is an emergency but you are still worried, call 111 and ask the operator. They will help you decide what to do.

Government website

Our wonderful, fantastic, emergency service personnel are ready, waiting and willing to assist; be they fire, ambulance, police, search and rescue or civil defence staff.

However, none of the above services seemed to have the capabilities or tools, vehicles, training etc to rush to our aid in the current emergency.

This was very disappointing and a little distressing. Who ya gonna call?

There is, apparently, a climate emergency so send in the …?

What a despicable slap in the face for the real everyday heroes of our ‘proper’ emergency services, depreciating the word “emergency” for cheap political virtue signalling.

Some wit somewhere said it was like calling 111 and booking an ambulance to call in 20 years’ time.

One wag suggested we could instead ring the new non-emergency number ten five but if you listen to the song the so-called Climate emergency doesn’t even meet the requirements for that. It only goes to prove how silly this climate emergency malarkey really is.