Why Are the Left So Antisemitic?

When Donald Trump was elected in 2016, the political left wasted no time gibbering about a “return to the 1930s”. In one sense, they were right: for the first time since the 1930s, black-masked paramilitaries are enacting a reign of violent terror in the streets. Even worse, anti-Semitism is on a disturbing rise.

What the left didn’t tell us was that it was them leading the charge back into the Dark Valley of the 30s.

What has caused the deeply alarming upsurge in antisemitism across the West? As many have observed, there are three principal sources: the political left, Islamic culture and neo-fascist or white-supremacist cults.

One further factor, though, is crucial.

The left is excusing anti-Semitism where it suits them.

Antisemitism can be kept to a low level by condign social disapproval that deems antisemites to be totally beyond the pale.

If, however, that social stigma is lifted and society tolerates, excuses or sanitizes antisemitism, then it roars out of control.

British lawyer Mark Lewis said, “Jeremy Corbyn moved the rock, and the anti-Semites crawled out from underneath the rock”. Corbyn didn’t make Labour anti-Semitic: he just gave the Jew-haters in the party the all-clear.

That’s precisely what is now happening. In America, astoundingly, it is being facilitated and mainstreamed by Democratic Party grandees.

Many of the Democrats’ rising stars are blatantly anti-Semitic. Keith Ellison, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar all have an undeniable track record of anti-Semitic comments and associating with vicious anti-Semites. Women’s March organiser Linda Sarsour is another anti-Semite, with documented links to Islamist organisations. The Democrat party backs them to the hilt.

Instead of treating [Tlaib] as a pariah to be shunned, the Democrats have circled the wagons around her…It was Pelosi’s defense of her remarks that was outrageous. Worse, this is now part of a pattern by Pelosi of sanitizing and normalizing Islamic antisemitism.

Although Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar accused Israel of “hypnotizing the world” and prayed that “Allah awaken the people and help them see [Israel’s] evil doings,” Pelosi appointed her to the House Foreign Affairs Committee. And after Omar claimed that Jews use their money to suborn American politicians in the interests of Israel, Pelosi played down the remark.

She also invited a radical Islamist imam, Omar Suleiman, to deliver the noon prayer in Congress.

The British left is no better.

A major part of the problem is that this derangement is by no means confined to the supporters of Labour’s far-left leader Jeremy Corbyn. This was shown by last weekend’s revolting anti-Israel hate-fest in London. Chanting demonstrators brandished posters declaring that Jews control the media, Jews are the new Nazis, Jews have no right to a state, Jews bring antisemitism upon themselves and so on.

Yet faced with this chilling display, the media could barely bring itself to shrug.

Then, of course, there is NZ’s own Golriz Ghahraman, not to mention the outbreaks of leftist anti-Semitism in Australia.

Yet, the left continues to delude itself that it is, by definition, “anti-racist”. So, why is anti-Jewish racism so horrifyingly prevalent on the left? Because their signature cause, their article of faith, is fundamentally anti-Semitic.

Progressive people refuse to acknowledge that their signature Palestinian cause — so revealingly exposed by the mind-bending distortions of Rashida Tlaib — is the new antisemitism.

And that’s because they refuse to acknowledge that Palestinianism itself is fundamentally anti-Jew.

The media, themselves overwhelmingly leftist, in fact deliberately lie in order to cover up for leftist anti-Semitism.

A Gazan boy says “the revolutionary songs excite you, they encourage you … to rip a Jew’s head off.” But, instead of accurately translating the Arabic word Yahud that he and others used for Jew, the BBC mistranslated it as “Israeli”…this is simply untrue…Denial of Palestinian and Muslim antisemitism is legitimizing, mainstreaming and fueling antisemitism in the West.

When confronted with their own bigotry, people like Tlaib and Suleiman claim that the real problem of antisemitism comes from “the right.”

And which groups in both America and Britain hand them this particular “get out of jail free” card so they can continue to escalate the climate of Jew-hatred? Why, the left, of course — and the Jews.


Like Black Americans, too many Jews have stayed rusted-on to the left, even as the left turns overwhelmingly against them. But, like the Black “Walk Away” movement, a growing sub-stratum of Jewish opinion is finally starting to say, “enough is enough”, in a “Jexodus”.