Will you Draw a Line in the Sand & Expose This Coalition for What & Who They Are?

By George

This is the letter I sent to my MP. I will share their response with you.

Hi …
First of all, I would like to acknowledge your sterling representation of your electorate. You have served the community well, the following correspondence is not directed exclusively to you but to National as a whole. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

You must be aware of the current controversy surrounding Green MP Golriz Ghahraman’s deliberate and divisive attack on New Zealand’s Jewish community. You must also be aware that one of the foundation stones of this Coalition government is to promote and encourage well being.

The aftermath of the Christchurch terrorist attack created an environment where the Coalition government went to great pains to insist that we, as a nation, should be free from the fear of those sentiments of racism and hate, an environment where violence can flourish. The Coalition incessantly reminded us all that “We are one, they are us”. Which was designed to alleviate a feeling of fear within the Muslim community that they didn’t belong. It is obvious that Golriz Ghahraman’s attachment to such sentiments did not include our Jewish community.

An addition reverberation that emerged from this tragedy was the enhanced attack on any citizen who expressed views deemed right of centre as racist, again championed by the Green party and none more so than Ghahraman. Through her eyes, New Zealand was awash with “white supremacists” and none moreso than your coalition partner, David Seymour.

My questions to you, as my representative in parliament, are:

  • Will you and your party challenge Ghahraman’s racist comments as totally unacceptable and demand her immediate removal from parliament?
  • Will you demand an explanation from the Green party leadership why they have suddenly gained a tolerance for racism in spite of being very loud and judgemental on this issue up to this point?
  • Will you demand that the Green party leadership, by showing support for Ghahraman, in spite of her anti-Semitic comments, also step down?

Will you challenge Ardern as leader of this dysfunctional coalition, what her views are in relation to Ghahraman’s anti-Semitic comments? Will you ask her if she will stand by her comments which followed the Christchurch massacre that “New Zealanders should be free from the fear of those sentiments of racism and hate, an environment where violence can flourish.” And does her statement “We are one, they are us” also apply to our Jewish community or just the Muslim community?

Same line of questioning for NZ First.

Your response will be widely circulated. Here is an opportunity to draw a line in the sand and expose this coalition for what and who they are.
Take care and thank you.