Woke Comedy Isn’t Funny

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that New Zealand comedy is dead. That’s assuming that by “comedy” you mean stuff that is actually funny. But if by “comedy” you mean far-left politics and liberalism together with a good dose of fake outrage, Kiwi comedy is alive and well! But still, what is woke Kiwi comedienne to do when she wants to show how badly women are sexually harassed but can’t actually find a way? As Newshub reports, make shit up of course!

Cricket fans are outraged after Kiwi comedian Melanie Bracewell admitted faking an erotica message she claimed had been sent to her by a member of an online cricket group. Bracewell shared a screenshot of the “NSFW” [not safe for work] message, which she said had come from someone in the Reddit cricketing community, off her Twitter account.

“Oh my God I commented on the cricket subreddit and got this private message,” she said. The message contained explicit sexual details about what the person wanted to do to her and caused disgust amongst her followers, with one person describing it as “extremely gross and sexist”. However, a user on the Cricket group then posted they’d found a recent post on the ‘dirtypenpals’ subreddit by a user called ‘melthrowaway2019’ titled “this game of cricket is so good that I’m horny”. The poster […] solicited dirty messages.

A Reddit moderator then contacted Bracewell asking her for details of who sent her the private message, and she admitted it was a joke and apologised.[…]

”I’m a comedian and I was commentating on the ACC (alternative commentary collective) at the time,” she wrote to the cricket subreddit. “Thought it would be funny to post something to prompt some more erotic fanfiction on the show (very on theme for the commentary). “Honestly didn’t even think about the culture of the cricket subreddit or bringing the community into disrepute. Genuinely was just a laugh.”

Yeah right. It supposed to be a joke yet she never told any of her followers who got the wrong end of the stick.

Despite this she’s being blasted for making up a sexual harassment allegation and stereotyping Indians with intentionally bad English. […]”This is disgusting. Towards this subreddit. Towards victims of actual sexual harassment. Towards Indian men, who often get targeted with bobs and vegana remarks from random people,” another said. Bracewell has since deleted her social media.


Yep, men! No sense of humour. Forcing a poor defenceless woman off social media because of one tiny little joke…