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lade (verb) – 1. (a) To load with or as if with cargo.
(b) To place (something) as a load for or as if for shipment.
2. To burden or oppress; weigh down.
3. To take up or remove (water) with a ladle or dipper.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : Lade most often occurs in its past participle form laden, as shown in our examples. There is also the adjective laden, best distinguished from the verb by its placement before nouns, as in “laden ships” or “a laden heart.” (The adjective is also at work in hyphenated terms like sugar-laden.)

Lade has been in use for more than a millennium and formerly had a nominal counterpart: the noun lade, meaning “load” or “cargo,” came to be around the same time but is now obsolete. A few short decades after it faded from active use, the noun lading took on the same meaning. Lading is still in use and appears most often in bill of lading—a term referring to a document that lists goods being shipped and specifies the terms of their transport.