Yes These People Could Be President: Part Two, Kamala ‘ Lala land’ Harris

Too Right
A regular column by John Black
The Black Sheep Blog

Kamala Harris is the perfect anti-Trump candidate – a photo negative inversion of the Don. In fact, if they ever meet, the universe may implode such is their perfect cosmic opposition. Trust me, its physics. She’s black, female, from a humble background and is able to speak in complete sentences. The Don is none of these things and had three goes at pronouncing ‘anonymous’.

A former district attorney, she is blessed with a verbal dexterity that served her well in the primary debates, allowing her to tie Old Joe Biden’s tongue up in knots over his links with segregationist senators. The hope from the Left is that she’ll do the same to Trump – leave him so frustrated he loses it and tries to strangle her with his necktie on live TV.

Might be hard for him to come back from that.

But the undoing of Trump will not be the doing of Harris because her policies will be the undoing of her. The Democratic party is now so far past the mainstream American voter, they can hardly see them waving in the rearview mirror. While Harris may not be in the driving seat with a high heeled foot jammed on the gas (that would be Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) she is definitely in the car.

She has signed on to the ‘Green New Deal’, a document that contains such sane, reasonable proposals as rebuilding every house in America and getting rid of all the cars and aeroplanes. She has moved so far left on abortion she would let a woman have second thoughts not just up to the third trimester but up to the third contraction. And she has supported mad Bernie Sanders’s plan to force millions of Americans to give up their private medical insurance and sign up to government-mandated ‘single-payer’ health care. That’s like trading in your Aston Martin DB11 and receiving a rust-ridden Datsun Sunny in return.

On immigration, she’s as cuddly as the Don is tough. Not only would she cease Trump’s raids rounding up illegals (she’s called them ‘A crime against humanity’), she’d welcome them, their kids, their grandmothers and their dogs and give them all McDonald’s vouchers.

Then there’s the reparations issue.

Out of the five top polling Democrat contenders, only Harris and Elizabeth Warren support the ‘exploration’ of monetary reparations for black Americans. While this may sound a tepid endorsement, to even entertain this possibility is to play with political matches. Imagine Trump explaining to his poor white base that their taxes will be used for this inter-racial score-settling – that the MAGA hat-wearing truck driver in Ohio will pay money to a lawyer in New York just because the latter had a great-great grandfather brought to the U.S in chains. It could get ugly real quick.

The reparations issue had died in the U.S along with Malcolm X and afros until radicals like Ta-Nehisi Coates resurrected it. Now Black politicians like Cory Booker and Harris are giving it mainstream cachet. And yet Harris herself is proof against the idea that slavery and racism are the only explanations for the sorry state of many Black Americans.

A child of Indian and Jamaican immigrants she has risen to the heights of American life. Such success for Black immigrant children is not unusual – they are statistically more like to finish college than either black or white native-born Americans. If ‘white supremacy’ and ‘institutional racism are really handicapping darker hued Americans, what explains this success? And if racism isn’t the cause then reparations can’t be the answer.

Perhaps one day there will come along a black politician with a more honest stance. Ready to explore the idea that black problems have a number of causes – chronic fatherlessness, drugs, a victim mentality, welfare dependency and attitudes to work and education. They may even tell the young guys to go easy on the ‘guns, bling and hoes’ hip-hop bullshit and pull up their ridiculously baggy pants.

But that politician isn’t Kamala Harris.

Kamala Harris