It’s the End of an Era…and the start of a new one


We have new home visit The BFD.

Don’t believe everything you read online, just login and enjoy.

Dear Readers

The time has come to end one era and begin a new one.

The team at Whaleoil and I are moving on to a new and exciting online venture. Today is the last day that we will provide active new content for the Whaleoil blog.

Don’t despair a new website and platform has been established so that readers can continue to enjoy informed and challenging content, along with the news that the mainstream media refuses to cover.

If you are an existing Whaleoil subscriber the new site will honour your subscription at the new site. Just visit The BFD and login. We hope you will.

It has been nearly 15 years since Whaleoil’s creator and editor Cameron Slater posted his first post. During that time Whaleoil became New Zealand’s number one most popular and most-read blog. It has won numerous blog awards including a Canon Media Award for Best Blog and to date, it has had two works of fiction written about it.

Started in 2005 as a personal project to help combat depression, Whaleoil grew to what we know it is now, a vibrant community of like-minded people who embrace the freedoms that liberal western democracy has given us. We value those freedoms highly.

The ideas, ideals and beliefs that join us all have led to us outgrowing the Whaleoil concept.

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Whaleoil was so influential that shadowy forces conspired to take it down and a hacker was paid to hack it. It was the first blog in New Zealand to fund itself through reader subscriptions, proving that readers are prepared to pay for ad-free viewing of the content they love as well as access to exclusive content.

The hack didn’t succeed in shutting Whaleoil down but the numerous legal cases against it took their toll and as you all know Whaleoil’s editor suffered a debilitating stroke at the end of October last year.

Today it is a farewell to the site from the team and I and a grateful thank you to you all for being part of the Whaleoil community.

We are bigger now than just one man. We have a large community across the country and the site has constrained where we need to go to counter the increasingly shrill fake news that is delivered up by our mainstream media.

It is time to do something about that.

Join the new team and enjoy the new site where you will be able to enjoy the varied content along with features and functionality that a blog format could never deliver.

We have created a new home for our community. It is called The BFD.

  • It begins on the 1st of August.
  • It has a completely new look and feel.
  • All the same, writers you’ve enjoyed at Whaleoil will be on The BFD
  • Your existing subscriptions will be honoured at The BFD. In other words, just log in and continue as usual.
  • We will be introducing new features including a new Member’s Lounge that will provide Facebook-like functionality but will be closed to the general public and only available to subscribers of any membership level.
  • It has exciting new content including motoring, cigar and whiskey reviews.

There will be plenty of new announcements in coming days, but first, log in and enjoy the new site.

Once again thank you for your incredible loyalty and support.

Goodbye to Whaleoil.

Welcome to The BFD.

SB and the team